touchless gadgets

5 touchless gadgets that almost seem unreal

5 touchless gadgets that almost seem unreal : In 1990 when American rapper MC Hammer released the song U Can’t Touch This, he definitely wasn’t hinting at a future filled with touchless technology.

However, that may soon be a reality after two years of living through a pandemic.

With our brains now wired to sanitise every surface, companies are slowly  

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Kitchen gadgets

Kitchen gadgets men might love

Kitchen gadgets men might love, What to buy to encourage a man to cook more!

In my experience, men are real gadget-lovers – give them a tool. And they will illuminate like Christmas tree lights, and voila, the job is done.

Also in my experience, kitchens might be the exception. But I have discovered some gadgets that might well entice  

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The Growing Popularity of Wearable Tech

The Growing Popularity of Wearable Tech, The trend of upgrading to the latest greatest smartphone is becoming a little tiresome. Though the last year’s devices such as the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 are still powerful enough by today’ standards, the market for upgrade is closely thinning out. The next milestone that is being hop for is with wearable  

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Fun With Spy Gadgets

Fun With Spy Gadgets : No Hollywood part has caused the imagination of countless flick fans from across the world more than spy gadgets. Films, TV shows, comics, computer games, and cartoons featuring one spy gadget or another have definitely ignited the secret agent in everyone for years and they still do up to this point.

From the old encrypted  

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Get The Top Gadgets Of Today

Every year, we drool at the latest top gadgets being releasemto the market. With the next advancement in technology, a lot of possibilities have realize. The technology industry that spawned these top gadgets has continually grown, as more and more people are always on the lookout for the topmost gadgets available in the market.

In this modern world, we see

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Benefits of Buying Phones Online

Benefits of Buying Phones Online, With more and more internet phone shops are joining in the rat race to earn huge profits and thereby giving a tough competition to one another, you get to face some of the best deals offered by all these internet stores.

The online shops generally provide you with huge discounts, such that their prices become

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Finding The Best iPad Apps

Finding The Best iPad Apps : There are a lot of great iPad applications that you will definitely want to be aware of if you have this device. Those who own one of these touch screen devices will definitely want to think about all of the potential that the applications have.

Firstly, One of the best things about the Apple

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iPhone isurance

Best iPhone insurance: AppleCare alternatives

Which iPhone insurance should you buy, if any? We take you through the best iPhone insurance types to help you decide.

Your iPhone is expensive. New models start at around $700 and the most expensive models can cost twice that. Something so small, full of so much important information, is a big concern for loss, theft, or just severe  

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Apps Not Updating on Android 11?

Apps Not Updating on Android 11? With the kind of busy lives people have these days, keeping a track of which application on your smartphone is up-to-date and which one is not is out of the question. You blindly rely on your smartphone doing all that work for you, don’t you? But surely at some point in your life, it  

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Few Facts About Content in Writing

Few Facts About Content in Writing : College goers and high school kids have a long list of requirements nowadays. And this is quite plausible, considering the fact that, we live in an era of consumerism. And an advanced stage of science and technology. There are hundreds and hundreds of gadgets, which are available in the market. And the most

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