Apple Watch

Google Maps Comes Again Apple Watch

Apple Watch After a long absence, Google Maps will be back on the Apple Watch. In the next few weeks, Google will roll out an app update for Apple devices. Launching from Engadget, Google Maps suddenly disappeared three years ago from the Apple Watch. The same goes for other apps, including Amazon, eBay, and Target.

Although it is unclear why  

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Poco X3 vs. X3 Pro

Poco X3 vs. X3 Pro, here are all the differences.

We review the main differences between Xiaomi Poco X3 Specs vs. Poco X3 Pro and let you know which option is the best.

Poco X3 or Poco X3 Pro, which one should I buy? It is my first time facing two very similar models. The two X3 series phones share many features and differ only in 4 areas: performance, storage,  

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tips for overcoming slow HP

Causes and Tips for Overcoming Slow HP

Causes and tips for overcoming slow HP, Friends, do you know how to deal with a slow cellphone? It turns out, the way is not difficult, really! Check out the causes and ways to overcome them in this article, OK? Mobile (HP) Android or also known as a smartphone will usually experience a decrease in performance if it has  

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can accelerate HP damage

Habits That Can Accelerate HP Damage

Habits that can accelerate HP damage, Whether or not your smartphone lasts is greatly influenced by how you care for it. Correct and periodic maintenance is guaranteed to extend the life time of your Smartphone.

For those who don’t understand this, they think that the lifespan of an Android Smartphone or Hand Phone (Android HP) is more influenced by  

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HP gaming cooling fan

HP Gaming Cooling Fan Recommendations

HP gaming cooling fan recommendations, playing games will be maximal and more fun if the cellphones we use are at normal temperatures and don’t feel hot. recommendations, playing games will be maximal and more fun if the cellphones we use are at normal temperatures and don’t feel hot.

Hot HP conditions, of course, will make its performance decrease and user  

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Take Care of HP Batteries

How to Take Care of HP Batteries to Last and Save

How to Take Care of HP Batteries to Last and Save. Everyday we can not be separated from mobile phones. Various matters can be done via a mobile phone, from work matters, communicating with family, online shopping, ordering motorcycle taxis, to withdrawing money via a mobile phone.

Because of that, when the cellphone is turned off. It makes you anxious  

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How to turn on an HP old

How to Turn On an HP Old That Hasn’t Been Used

How to turn on an HP old that hasn’t been used, There are various problems that are often faced by mobile users. One of them is when the cellphone suddenly turns off completely. But don’t panic yet, there is a way to turn on a completely dead cellphone before deciding to take it to a service place.

You can do  

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How to store smartphones

How to Store Smartphones that are Good and Correct

How to store smartphones that are good and correct, Smartphones are electronic goods, which means that they must be given care so that their quality is maintained and they are not easily damaged. One way to care for a smartphone is how we store the smartphone itself.

Sometimes, many people don’t care about this. As long as you put it,  

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buy a HP from overseas

How to Buy a HP from Overseas

How to buy a HP from overseas, There are many different ways to buy a cell phone. In order to get cheaper prices, many people choose to buy cellphones from abroad. How to buy a cellphone from abroad also cannot be done haphazardly.

There are several special regulations for buying cellphones from abroad. This rule is enforced to prevent  

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Frequent Cell Phone Damage

Frequent Cell Phone Damage

Frequent Cell Phone Damage, Understanding damage or problems with cellphones can help us more easily find ways to overcome them and find solutions. The types of cellphone damage can also vary, ranging from problems with connectivity, applications, display, security and various other damage problems.

Frequent Cell Phone Damage

 1. WaterDamage

Using a cell phone all the time in daily  

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