11 Advantages and disadvantages of UC Browser,

11 Advantages

11 Advantages : Activities to explore the world of the internet today can be done anytime and anywhere. It is enough to have a stable network connection, anyone can find various types of information they are looking for. It’s not enough to stop there, navigating the ocean of cyberspace can also connect people directly without the limitations of space and time.

There are various search service providers that can be used. Many people must be very familiar with Google Chrome, or Mozilla FireFox. However, there is a search engine platform that is no less popular, namely UC Browser.

UC Browser is an application for browsing websites quickly. This platform has been around since 2004. Until now, UC Browser is still the main choice for smartphone users 11 Advantages.

Advantages of UC Browser.

So what are the benefits of UC Browser? On this occasion, we summarize 11 advantages of UC Browser and their disadvantages.
1. Privacy is maintained.

User privacy security is one of the important things that every developer should take care of. UC Browser guarantees the security of its users to be able to calmly browse the sites they are looking for. Even the developer will also ensure the security of the device from viruses placed by hackers.
2. Multi-platform.

UC Browser is often used for smartphone devices. But this platform can also be operated using a PC, laptop, tablet. Even the application with the swan silhouette logo can be used for Android, iOS, Java, and Symbian operating systems.
3. No need third party.

When downloading certain files, users usually rely on third parties to do so. The third parties in question are Internet Download Manager, Save From Net, Adm, and the like. However, using the UC Browser platform, users no longer need to bother installing the application because the developer has embedded smart download technology in this application.
4. Data efficiency.

UC Browser can save mobile data when in use because there is a system to cut Downstream capacity by up to 90%. This may be rare in other applications.
5. Ad-free.

UC Browser developers are very aware of the inconvenience of users when there is a lot of spam from the websites they open. For that, UC Browser can automatically block unimportant ads that appear on web pages that are reached. Therefore, users of this application can comfortably view the contents of the opened website.
6. Efficient use of battery power.

This application can save the battery of the device used. The trick is for users to change the night mode on this device. Then UC Browser will save up to 35% power.
7. Provide the latest news.

When opening UC Browser, users will be given a view of the latest news. Even the news that appears is taken from the user’s search history. That way, users don’t have to worry about missing the latest information.
8. Save more text.

While surfing the internet, users often make use of the clipboard. However, the storage capacity is quite low. UC Browser can store text with thousands of words.
9. Interface is not confusing.

UC Browser has a clear navigation system. Users do not need to worry when using this application because the interface system created by the developer is quite simple.
10. Access speed is quite fast.

Besides being able to compress a file, UC Browser has a fairly fast access speed. Users do not have to wait long when they want to enter certain sites. It also helps for the efficiency of the time used.
11. Can access when the signal is bad.

This application can be used when the internet connection is not friendly. Because UC Browser has the capacity to be able to cut down the process of loading download files. Users don’t have to worry about bad internet conditions, they can still access the site smoothly.

Weaknesses of UC Browser.

It turns out that from the various advantages mentioned above, there are weaknesses from the UC Browser platform, you know. Come on, look at the shortcomings of the following UC Browser.

1. UC Browser does not yet support Javascript, and RSS Feeds. That way users can’t access using desktop mode.

2. The quality of the download is not clear. Although getting the ability to save data, of course it will greatly affect the quality of the download. Sometimes the download results are not as expected, with less than optimal graphics.

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