Three Official Xiaomi

Three Official Xiaomi 12 Pro Smartphone Cameras

Three Official Xiaomi : Xiaomi officially introduced their latest flagship smartphone series consisting of Xiaomi 12X, vanilla Xiaomi 12, and their top variant namely Xiaomi 12 Pro with the highest specs that the company can offer for now.

The Xiaomi 12 Pro was announced by the company in Latest Gadget News through their official website along with their premium smartwatch,  

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Is your Google

Is your Google Chrome slow? Here are 7 ways to solve it

Is your Google  : Google Chrome is a fairly popular web browser. However, Google Chrome is also known as a browser that requires a lot of resources, including CPU and requires a lot of memory.

It’s no wonder that many users complain about why their Chrome runs slowly. In addition, your surfing behavior or habits can also affect Chrome’s performance  

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3 Ways to View Instagram Stories Without Knowing (HP & Laptop)

Instagram stories or also known as instastory, you can only open if you are logged in to the Instagram application or the web version of Instagram. Therefore, if you watch other people’s stories, that person can know if you see theirs. So, is there a way to view Instagram stories without the account owner knowing? of course there is.


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4 Ways to Unfollow Accounts on Instagram (Many / Units)

The follow feature on Instagram functions to follow other people’s Instagram accounts or you can also follow a hashtag (#) which then all posts from the account or hashtag that have been followed will appear in the News Feed / News Feed and also in the Stories / Stories section.

But sometimes because of the many accounts that have been  

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2 Ways to Copy Instagram Captions Without Applications (Android & iPhone)

Captions in the Instagram application are short descriptions that are added to photo, image and video posts. Usually the caption is made creatively, cool and even funny. However, the ig application does not provide a copy caption feature, so to use the text from the caption you have to use the latest Instagram caption copy method so you can copy  

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How to Automatically Create WhatsApp Links Without an Application

WhatsApp link is a link with a click-to-chat function, i.e. when the link is opened or clicked, the whatsapp application on the cellphone or whatsapp web version will automatically open to a new chat to the whatsapp number along with the message text that has been set by the whatsapp link maker.

This click to chat feature has technically been  

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BOT Sticker Online: How to Create WhatsApp Stickers (Animated) Without an Application (2021)

1.  Open using web browser application on phone, laptop or PC.

2.  Next, click the SELECT IMAGE button to select the image or photo you want to make into whatsapp sticker.

3. Use images with JPG, PNG and WEBP formats / extensions to create regular sticker.

4. Use images with GIF format / extension to create animated sticker.


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6 Ways to Send Folders Via Email (HP & Laptop)

If you send a file that can be a photo, song, video or document via email, of course it is a common thing that can be done. But can you send folders via email? the answer is yes. Then how?

You can use how to send a folder via email which GadgetLogi will discuss through videos and illustrated guides in  

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How to Cancel Send Messages on Instagram that Have Been Sent

Have you ever sent the wrong Direct Message (DM) on Instagram so you want to cancel sending the message? if so, then you can follow the illustrated and video guide on how to cancel sending Instagram messages which GadgetLogi will discuss in this article.

Well, by using this method, you can delete messages that have been sent for a long  

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2 Easy & Safe Ways to Hard Reset Xiaomi HP

A hard reset (factory reset) on a Xiaomi cellphone is useful for solving problems such as a slow cellphone, unresponsiveness and forgetting the lock pattern.

For those of you who are new to Android, don’t worry because Xiaomi has provided a very easy hard reset procedure.

There are 2 ways provided by Xiaomi to restore the cellphone to factory settings,  

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