Recommended smartphone

Recommended Smartphone With The Best Camera

Recommended smartphone-It is difficult for HP or smartphone manufacturers to make a characteristic on their products these days. That’s why some brands are trying to make the best camera cellphones. Because every new phone looks the same and resembles each other, it has and is capable of doing the same. But when it comes to the best HP cameras,  

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Improve Your Android Device

How to Improve Your Android Device Security

How to Improve Your Android Device Security, Fortunately, there are a few very powerful, common-sense, everyday ways to make your Android more resilient against cyber threats and casual tampering. We’ll first look at important general options, which you should implement across all your devices, and then we’ll look at a few super but little-known Android phone settings that can make  

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Speed Up Your iPhone

Tips to Speed Up Your iPhone

Tips to Speed Up Your iPhone. If you have had your iPhone for a few years then it could start to feel slow, this guide is design to show you some handy tips that could help you speed up your iPhone. This can also happen on all models of the iPhone and iPad, even the latest models.

You own  

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Type of smartphone

Type Of Smartphone That Has a Large RAM

Type of smartphone-What is the ideal cellphone RAM capacity? According to Pricebook, using an 8 GB RAM cellphone is certainly more than enough to accompany activities and make us more productive.

This cellphone with 8 GB of RAM certainly promises reliable performance to support any activity. Where we can run many applications simultaneously (multitasking).

The choice of cellphones with  

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Best Gaming Phone Recommendations

Best Gaming Phone Recommendations

Best Gaming Phone Recommendations, HP gaming with high specifications is the target of gamers to get a fun gaming experience. Currently, several brands of HP gaming are available with various specifications for sale. Ranging from 1 million, 2 million, or even 3 million HP gaming.

These products can be purchased directly at electronic shops on the edge of urban  

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Infinix Zero 8 Smartphone

Infinix Zero 8 Smartphone review

Infinix Zero 8 Smartphone review, I have been pleasantly surprised by the hardware and software qualities of some of the latest brands and models outside of the Apple/Samsung power-players. While I remain an Apple IOS guy, I readily admit that I am really enjoying other brands with the Android OS. Now it is time again to take another Android OS  

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Quality Android Phone

How to Choose a Quality Android Phone

How to Choose a Quality Android Phone, When we want to buy a new or used Android phone, we are definitely confused with the choice of various types, brands, specifications and types of sophisticated cellphones ranging from low prices to high prices. However, the adage “There’s Money There’s Quality” here definitely applies.

If we buy a cellphone with a  

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HP with Stabilizer Feature, Make Anti-Shake Videos

HP with Stabilizer Feature, For those of you who have a hobby of making video content with HP, of course, you have to choose a sophisticated camera spec. It’s not just a matter of resolution, you also have to pay attention to the advanced features in it.

One of the camera features to make your videos cooler is the  

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Smart gadget for student

Smart Gadget For Student

Smart gadget for student-Having a smart phone, smartphone, or cellphone is a must nowadays. Especially when the COVID-19 pandemic has not ended, it has made many students take longer to study at home. Responding to these needs, mobile phone manufacturers are competing to make mobile phone products. Because it is very important for students who can be us at  

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Samsung galaxy A22

Samsung Galaxy A2 expected specifications

Samsung Galaxy A22-5G events in Indonesia are getting more and more crowded. Now, users don’t need to spend a big budget to buy a flagship cellphone, because now even entry-level cellphones have provided 5G connections.

For example, such as Samsung which has issued 5G products at affordable prices, namely the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G. The price tag is at  

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