smartphone recommendations

The Best Smartphone Recommendations

The best smartphone recommendations, along with the times, all HP brands in the world are always improving the technology embedded in their products. Therefore, gadget enthusiasts must also feel this development by looking at the latest HP specifications that have tantalizing innovations.

Whether it’s in terms of camera, connectivity, battery, memory capacity, to the operating system, all standard specifications  

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Caring for Android HP Planted Batteries

Tips for Caring for Android HP Planted Batteries Stay Durable

Caring for Android HP Planted Batteries, In the latest smartphones, implanted batteries are used more than removable batteries. The embedded battery makes the smartphone body thinner so that it looks cooler.

In addition, with embedded batteries, smartphone manufacturers can make cellphones that are more closed with sturdier materials. This condition makes the cellphone more water resistant and dust does  

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Use a smartphone wisely

How to Use a Smartphone Wisely

How to Use a smartphone wisely, how much time do you spend per day on your smartphone? A study found that the average age group of 20-35 years uses a smartphone for 7 hours a day. Unmitigated, as many as 79 percent of them immediately check their smartphone within 1 minute after waking up (hey, you are in this  

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LCD cannot be touched

Tips for Overcoming LCD Cannot be Touched

Tips for overcoming LCD cannot be touched, have you ever experienced a problem with your cellphone screen, you can’t even touch it? Take it easy, because there is a way to overcome the HP screen that cannot be touched. Before that, first find out what causes and characteristics of the HP error screen so that it can’t be touched. 

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overcome a striped HP screen

How to Overcome a Striped HP Screen

How to overcome a striped HP screen, mobile or HP is an important object for everyday life. In today’s digital era, the use of a cell phone has become a basic need for almost everyone. However, using a cellphone continuously sometimes brings problems to the health of the cellphone. For example, a line appears on the screen. How to  

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Signs of Gadget Addiction

Signs of Gadget Addiction and Effects and How to Overcome Them

Signs of Gadget Addiction – Signs of gadget addiction are often not realized by many people. Moreover, nowadays smartphones have become a major need and cannot be separated from everyone’s daily life. You definitely need a smartphone to do work or just for entertainment.

It can be seen how nowadays everyone carries a gadget. Having a gadget does make it  

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Smartwatch advantages

Smartwatch Advantages and Disadvantages

Smartwatch advantages and disadvantages, although there is no specific definition of a Smartwatch, in general a Smartwatch is known as a smart device that is usually connected to a Smartphone to perform several functions besides its function as a watch. The smartwatch is designed to network and integrate with other personal devices via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology.

Through the Smartwatch  

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The Dangers of HP Radiation

The Dangers of HP Radiation and How to Reduce Its Impact

The Dangers of HP Radiation, Every day, we can not be separated from the cellphone. This magical item holds many important things for our survival. Cell phones work by emitting radio frequency waves. Radiation exposure is thought to be able to increase the risk of cancer and brain and nerve disorders. Therefore, we should not use it too often. 

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making passwords for beginners

Tips for Making Passwords for Beginners

Tips for making passwords for beginners, for beginners, when creating an e-mail account, social media, mobile banking/internet banking you will usually be asked to create a username and password. The purpose of having a password is to protect your accounts so that they are not compromised and misused by other people.

In fact, there are still often cases of  

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smartphone batteries long lasting

Ways to Make Smartphone Batteries Long Lasting and Anti-Waste

Ways to make smartphone batteries long lasting and anti-waste, seeing the increasing mobility of using cellphones, friends should know how to make cellphone batteries durable and long lasting. This is because, at this time, not a few people often complain that their HP batteries are wasteful or run out easily. This is of course caused by various factors, ranging from  

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