3 Laptop Video Editing Applications Without Watermark (Free)

Video editing applications on the most popular laptops such as Adobe Premier Pro, Logic Pro X and Filmora are paid applications that can be considered very expensive. But actually, there are many video editing applications for laptops that are free and without a watermark that not many people know about.

Actually, many of the premium laptop video editing applications sometimes provide a free version that can be used but you will be given several conditions such as limited features and also a watermark on your video.

For those of you who don’t know, a watermark is a sign given by a premium video editing application to mark your videos made in the free version of the application.

Actually, there are many ways to remove the watermark, such as buying an official license to the owner of the application.

But if you are a beginner who is learning or just want to edit videos, of course, you don’t need to buy a license.

Well, the solution to this problem is to use a video editing application that is completely free and without a watermark. Why is it free? Usually these applications are made by the open source community with the aim of being able to be used by many people. Wow that’s great, huh?

Don’t worry, Gadgetlogi make sure this list of video editing applications is a video editing application on a Windows laptop that is free, lightweight, small application size and without a watermark.

All of the apps on this list are easy to use even for beginners. Interested to try it? let’s look at the reviews of each application.

#1.Movie Maker (Video Editor)

The first recommended video editing application on a laptop is Moviemaker (VideoEditor).

The advantage of the Movie Maker application is that it can be used for laptops that have low specifications.

This application used to be called Moviemaker but in 2017 it changed its name to Videoeditor.

With the addition of video editing functions up to 4K resolution, this application remains an ideal application because it is free and without a watermark.

With the addition of video editing functions up to 4K resolution, this application remains an ideal application because it is free and without a watermark.

The other menu is that we can add overlays where overlays are useful to beautify the video that we are going to edit.

In addition to the overlay, there is also a filter menu where we can change the color according to the existing video filters.

The following is an example of the main menu display in this application.

#2.VSDC Free Video Editor

The second is VSDC Free Video Editor, this application is an application designed for beginners in learning video editing.

But don’t be wrong, because this application also has an interesting feature, namely that we can directly select the export menu according to the criteria for the video that we will upload.


For example, if we upload the video to Instagram, when we export the video, the video format will change and adjust to the video format on Instagram.

The application is very easy to use and has various functions. Does this app have a watermark? the answer is no! This application can be used for free and there is no watermark.

The following is an example of an image of this application’s edit menu.

#3.OpenShoot Video Editor

Finally there is an application called OpenShoot Video Editor. The advantage of this application is that apart from without a watermark, there are also other advantages such as we can create 3D Animation which is already available in it.

Not only is it used to cut and connect videos, but we can also add text wherever we want the timeline.

Want to slow down or speed up a video? In this application it can also be done, so for example you want to make a cinematic-style video, that’s really possible.

Here is what the application looks like.

You can watch a more detailed discussion on how to download and install the application on the GadgetLogi youtube channel

Thus video editing application on PC that is free and without watermark. Although free, these applications have complete features and are easy to use.

Happy learning and working.

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