3 Recommendations for Playing Games on Telegram

3 Recommendations

3 Recommendations : Telegram is an online messaging application that is rated as a strong WhatsApp messenger.

Not even just for sharing messages, Telegram also has the ability to play games that can be done with friends through group chats.

Various games ranging from quizzes to UNO cards can be enjoyed by Telegram users.

Therefore, this time Nextren will share how to play games on the Telegram application.

There will also be 3 game recommendations on Telegram that might be your reference to be able to build fun with friends online.

Want to know what the games are and how to run them?

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Game Recommendations on Telegram

1. Quizarium

First there is the Quizarium game that can be used to hone the skills and knowledge of the players.

Some of the things discussed in this game are general knowledge, history, and entertainment.

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Later Telegram will also give prizes as winners.

How to play the Quizarium game is as follows:

– Select a chat group on Telegram.

– Search @quizarium and invite bots as group members.

– Type “/” in the chat field to activate bot commands.

– Type “/start” to start the game and you can choose a quiz category or type “all” to get random questions from all categories.

2. Unobot

As stated earlier, you and your friends can play UNO cards on Telegram.

The rules for playing UNO cards in Telegram and the real world are not much different.

You have to spend the cards by matching the symbols, numbers or colors on the UNO card.

But when playing UNO on Telegram, you don’t have to shout “UNO” when holding the last card.

Here’s how to play UNO cards on Telegram:

– Define group chat on Telegram.

– Find and select @unobot to include in the group.

– Send message “/” to start the game.

– Then type “/” again so you can join the game.

3. Game

For those of you who like classic genre games, Gamee seems to be a good reference to play on Telegram.

Gamee stores various kinds of games such as sports, racing, archery, and so on.

Each game also has different controls and instructions.

So later there will be a guide on how to play it before you actually start.

To be able to play Gamee on Telegram, namely:

– Select a chat group or create a new group on Telegram.

– Invite a searchable @gamee account in the search field.

– Type “/” to activate game command.

– Select one of the selection buttons to specify a category.

– Select the type of game you want your group to play and you can start right away.

It’s easy enough for how to play games on Telegram with friends

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