3 Ways to Maximize IDM Download Speed, It Can Be Many Times

3 Ways to Maximize IDM Download Speed, It Can Be Many Times

Maximize IDM Download Speed : Internet Download Manager (IDM) has the feature of maximizing download speed. But sometimes there are several things you need to do so that the feature runs optimally.

In this article, GadgetLogi will provide a guide on how to speed up download speeds on IDM without an application, without a proxy, and also without changing Regedit so that if you are a beginner or new to computers, you can still use this method.

Well, in this way you only need to adjust and maximize the settings that have been provided and recommended by IDM on their official website.

How? Want to know how? Read this article to the end, come on.
Causes of Slow IDM Downloads

There are several external factors that affect the download speed in IDM, namely:

The internet speed you are using. Download speed limits can come from the provider, signal strength and type of internet package.
The speed of the file provider server that you download.
The server distance of the file provider that you downloaded. If the server is located far away, on a different continent, for example, it will affect the download speed.

Well, after knowing these things. Now it’s time for you to follow the next few steps.

The first preparation is to make sure the IDM version you are using is the latest version. So that there are no bugs and errors that interfere with the download speed.

If you are still using the old version of IDM, please manually update your IDM to the latest version via the Help menu then select the Check for Updates option and click the Update Now button.

To make it easier, don’t turn off the automatic update feature in IDM so you will get a notification if there is a new version of IDM update.
Check Maximum Download Speed

Before following how to speed up downloads on IDM, the thing you have to do is check the download speed of the internet connection you are using.

This is so that you know whether the download speed on the IDM that you are using is maximum or can it still be increased.

So, how?

To find out the maximum download speed of the internet connection you are using, use speedtest.net and select the test location closest to you.

Don’t worry because usually the process of finding the fastest test server will run automatically.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to https://www.speedtest.net/ then click the GO button and wait for the test to finish.
  2. After the test is complete, pay attention to the download speed results listed.
  3. To find out the maximum download speed on IDM, the trick is to divide the 8 download speeds.
  4. So if the download speed on speedtest.net that you get is 16 Mbps, then the maximum download speed that can be obtained by IDM is 16 divided by 8, which is 2 Mbps.

Steps to Speed ​​up IDM Download

Now you know the maximum download speed you can get. If it turns out that the download speed on IDM is still far below the maximum download speed you have, then please follow the steps below.

Please follow in order starting from step no. 1 to no.3.
Turn Off Other Applications Using the Internet

First, make sure that no other application is using the internet. For example, a web browser application that is streaming Youtube, Windows which is updating, the download process in the browser, Steam which is downloading a game, etc.

To make it easier for you to check, please open the Task Manager on your Windows laptop by pressing the CTRL + ALT + DELETE key then check the network section.

Here’s how:

  1. Open Task Manager by pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL then click the Task Manager menu.
  2. Once the Task Manager opens, click the More details button.
  3. After that, a list of all running applications will appear.
  4. Pay attention to the Network section and look for applications other than IDM that use internet bandwidth.
  5. Once found, right-click the name of the application and select the End task option.
  6. Done.

Turn off Speed ​​Limiter

This feature actually aims to limit the download speed so that if you are downloading on IDM then other internet activities such as browsing, playing online games and chatting are not disturbed.

Well, this feature is also very useful so you don’t interfere with the smooth internet from other WiFi users when you’re downloading on IDM.

Here’s how to turn off the speed limiter feature in IDM so that the download speed can be maximized:

  1. Open IDM then click the Downloads menu.
  2. In the menu list that appears, select the Speed ​​Limiter menu.
  3. Then in the list of options that appears, please select the Turn off option.
  4. Done.

Maximize Connection Number

The connection number in IDM is the number of parts of the file that are downloaded simultaneously. This feature can speed up the download speed if the server of the file you are downloading gives a limit download speed.

Wow, sounds complicated huh? actually not really. To make it easier to understand, here is an example case:

For example, you download 1 file on server A. Apparently, server A limits the download speed on each connection to 1 Mbps.

So, even though the maximum download speed you have is 10 Mbps, the download speed you can still get is 1 Mbps.

Makes sense right?

To overcome this limit, IDM provides the Connection Number feature. The way it works is by dividing the 1 file into as many parts as you choose.

For example, if you choose 2 connection numbers, then the 1 file will be downloaded by 2 connections simultaneously. The first connection will download half of the file, and the second connection will download the other half of the file.

Because there are 2 connections, the maximum download speed you can get is 1 Mbps x 2, which is 2 Mbps. Wow great huh? this method will be very useful if you are in the process of resuming a download on a disconnected IDM.

Well, here’s how to set the Max Connection Number in IDM:

  1. Open IDM then click the Downloads menu.
  2. In the menu that appears, click the Options menu.
  3. After that select the Connection menu tab.
  4. Change Connection Type/Speed ​​to High speed.
  5. Then on Max . connections number, please select a minimum number of 8 and a maximum of 32. You can try 32 for a maximum.
  6. If a warning message appears, click the OK button.
  7. After that please make sure the settings are correct then click the OK button.
  8. Done.

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