3 Ways to Remove Xiaomi Default Apps Without Using Root

Ways to Remove Xiaomi

Currently, Xiaomi mobile phone users are pretty much chosen for several reasons. Starting from the specifications to the price offered. But sometimes there are a number of default applications in it that you don’t use, so you have to delete them one by one. However, don’t just delete the Xiaomi default application.

This is because some of them are related to performance, or the system on the cellphone. You can actually delete the default application related to the phone’s performance system itself. But it requires another connection or root so it doesn’t interfere with the phone’s performance later. Well, there is another way that can be done.

Here are the details:

1. Redmi System Managed To delete the default application on Xiaomi phones without root, you are required to download the Redmi System Manager. This is a third party, so that when the applications in question are deleted, there is no need to use root. This application has been around since 2017, and is currently available in the latest version, namely version 2.0.3. However, this latest version uses the XAPk extension, so you need to install the XAPK Installer application first.

2. Open the System Manager application. When you have successfully downloaded the system manager application and the XAPK application, then open it, click the start button. After that you just select the default application to be deleted. For example, you want to delete the Google Play Music application which is usually difficult and cannot be removed if you use the Manage Applications feature available in the phone settings menu. Then click the application so that later it can be deleted.

3. Disable Applications Because some default applications cannot be deleted, you can simply disable them. So that when you are using a cellphone, the default applications will not work. In addition, when you disable it, it will automatically disappear from the home screen or application menu that you have. But if at any time you want to use it, you can immediately reactivate it.

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