3 Ways to Show Android Screen to Laptop (WiFi & USB)

Displaying an Android cellphone screen to a laptop is called screen mirroring. Many people use this method for presentations, watching movies from cellphones to laptops or used to play HP games with a larger screen, namely with a PC or laptop screen. Mirroring is usually also used to broadcast the games of gaming streamers which you can watch via Youtube Gaming.

Actually, there are many ways to display the android cellphone screen on a laptop such as using the HDMI Capture Elgato tool, using WiFi and the last one is using a USB cable.

Well, Gadgetlogy’s recommendation is to display the Android cellphone screen to a laptop using a USB cable. Why is that? The first reason is the price of Elgato hardware is relatively expensive.

Although actually elgato is very suitable if you are a game streamer who streams for a long time because elgato is a separate tool from cellphones so it doesn’t make the cellphone hot and can stream in realtime with full HD resolution (1080p) 60 fps even up to 4k resolution.

The second reason is to use WiFi for cellphone screen mirroring even though it’s free because you don’t buy a device anymore, but lag, delays and overheating occur more often. For those reasons, Gadgetlogi recommends using a USB cable, which is not only free but also has minimal lag and delay, the temperature of the cellphone is also not too hot.

However, if you use a WiFi network, you will be more free to use your cellphone because it is not disturbed by the USB cable. Well, with these 2 choices as well as the consequences you are free to choose which way you want.

Here, Gadgetlogy provides a guide on how to display an Android cellphone screen using a USB cable and also WiFi.
Using USB Cable
You can choose this method so that the process of displaying the HP screen to the laptop can run smoothly without lag.
 #1. How to display the Android cellphone screen to a laptop using a USB cable 
 1. The first step is to install the ApowerMirror application on your laptop.
2. After you finish installing ApowerMirror on your laptop, open the application then log in using your Facebook account or Google account (Gmail).
 3. When finished, you will be directed to choose to connect using WiFi or USB. Choose the USB menu if you want to screen mirror your Android phone using a USB cable.
 4. Next you need to install the ApowerMirror application on your cellphone which you can find on the Google Play Store and also the Apple App Store.

 5. Prepare a USB cable and connect your cellphone to the laptop with a USB cable.
 6. Open the ApowerMirror application on your cellphone and select the middle button at the bottom to connect to ApowerMirror on your computer.
 7. Press the USB button to connect your cellphone to the laptop.
 8. If there is a “Debugging” request, please allow it first so that the mirroring process can be continued.
 9. Don’t forget to change the USB setting from “Charging Mode” to “File Transfer“.
 10. If you have, then the ApowerMirror display on your laptop will display the name or model of your cellphone.
 11. Press the button according to the name / model of your cellphone.
 12. Finished. Your cellphone screen has appeared on your laptop screen.

Using WiFi

You can use this option so that you are free to use your cellphone during the screen mirroring process. This is because you will not be disturbed because this method does not require a USB cable.
 #1. How to display an Android cellphone screen to a laptop using a WiFi network 
 1. First, open the ApowerMirror application on your laptop and also on your cellphone. Make sure you have changed it to WiFi Connection and not USB Connection. Connection type options are at the top of the screen.
 2. If you have opened Apowermirror on your smartphone, make sure your smartphone and computer are connected to the same Wifi network. After that click the Mirror button.
 3. Then there will be 2 options, namely Phone Screen Mirroring and Computer Screen Mirroring. Please select the Phone Screen Mirroring option to display the HP screen on the laptop and wait for the mirroring process to complete.

 4. If the process is complete there will be a message “Wifi mirroring to” which means you have successfully displayed your cellphone screen to your laptop via a WiFi network.
 5. Please open the application or game on your cellphone to try it.
Using USB Cable And WiFi (Alternative)
You can choose this option if you can’t use the ApowerMirror application on your cellphone or laptop.
Unlike the ApowerMirror application which has many features, this option uses the Vysor application which is a lighter screen mirroring application.
 #1. Alternative Ways to Show Android Phone Screen to Laptop 
 1. First, install the Vysor application on your cellphone and also on your laptop, then open the Vysor application on your cellphone.

4. To display the smartphone screen to a laptop using a USB Cable, please click the VIEW button.

 5. If you want to display the smartphone screen using WiFi, simply click the Wifi button.
 6. If so, the Mirroring type will automatically change from USB Cable to WiFi.
Good luck and hopefully useful. 🙂

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