3 Ways Transfer Music From One iPod to Another

3 Ways Transfer Music

3 Ways Transfer Music : There are a lot of us out there that want to transfer music from one ipod to another. Some of you think something like this is impossible but I can assure you that others made it possible. Over the years people came up with ingenious ways to do this, some are simple others are very hard. They have even invented devices to make things ultra easy. So here’s my Top 3 ways to transfer music from one ipod to another.

First Way:

This is probably the most used way to transfer music from one ipod to another, and you probably know it too. You do not transfer music directly between ipods but you or your friend can still get the songs you want. It goes as followed: if you have the desired mp3’s on your computer you just add them into an archive and send them via email or any instant messenger you use. This is very easy and very effective but it’s not a direct way to transfer music.

Second Way:

This way is a bit more complicated. A software called ipod2ipod is available on the internet. Find it, download it, and then try to use it. If you figure out how it works this is what happens: you transfer the songs from your ipod to the computer and then your friend transfers them back to his ipod. It’s pretty basic and simple but the problem is that darn complicated software.

Third Way:

My personal favorite way to transfer music from one ipod to another. This implies a gadget called miShare. I know what you are thinking, I won’t go out and pay money for some new gadget when I don’t even want to buy songs. Well let me explain how this works. This gives a new understanding to extremely simple, you just connect both ipods to the gadget and hit the only button it has. And BAM! you get your songs/videos/images/ whole playlists. You will never have to burn your head trying to figure out some complicated software that probably let’s you share music between ipods.

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