3 Xiaomi Digital Smart TV Recommendations

3 Xiaomi Digital

3 Xiaomi Digital : Xiaomi Indonesia has presented a number of digital smart TVs to the country. In its official release, recommendations for Xiaomi digital smart TVs that have been introduced are shared.

The selection of Xiaomi’s digital smart TV is in line with the government’s program to deploy an analog switch off (ASO) for analog television broadcasts whose frequency will be utilized for a more modern 5G network.

Television stations themselves have been prepared for a full migration to digital-based television broadcasting (DVB-T2) which will be carried out in stages in 2022 3 Xiaomi Digital.

The transition from analog TV broadcasts to digital TV will provide broad benefits for the industry. In addition to high operational costs, analog TV broadcasts that have been on the air for 60 years have consumed a lot of frequency spectrum resources, which are now increasingly limited.

This policy of migration to digital TV broadcasting is also part of efforts to carry out digital transformation. The termination of analog TV broadcasts on the 700 Mhz frequency spectrum will provide a spectrum efficiency of 112Mhz which can be used to deploy the latest network technologies such as 5G.

The first phase of ASO was carried out on April 30 covering 56 broadcast areas in 166 regencies and cities, while the second phase was held on August 25 with coverage of 31 broadcast areas in 110 regencies/cities. At its peak, analog TV broadcasts will end on November 2 with ASO in 25 broadcast areas in 63 districts/cities.

As a smart consumer, of course you don’t want to miss out on supporting the migration of TV to digital broadcasting. The simplest way to enjoy clearer and more stable digital TV broadcasts is to buy a set top box that allows your old TV to catch digital TV broadcasts.

Alternatively, you can also buy a new television that already supports digital TV broadcasting. Xiaomi, a consumer electronics and smart manufacturing technology company that focuses on smartphones, smart devices and Internet of Things (IoT) platforms to support lifestyles, provides a number of options for people who want to combine a comprehensive entertainment experience from Smart TVs that now support broadcasts. Digital TV.

 you can buy the latest line of Smart TV products from Xiaomi Indonesia, which has just been launched since the middle of this year. 3 Xiaomi Digital

1. Xiaomi TV A2 Series

Launched on 7 July, the Xiaomi TV A2 Series is available in two screen variants of 43 inch UHD (4K) and 55 inch UHD (4K). With a sleek unibody metal frame and supported by a single stand, the Xiaomi TV A2 Series offers a bezel-less design for outstanding visual satisfaction.

In addition, the Xiaomi TV A2 Series is supported by Dolby Vision and Dolby Audio which will provide an immersive viewing experience. With a price of Rp. 3,999,000 for the 43″ 4K size and Rp. 5,999,000 for the 55″ 4K size.

The Xiaomi TV A2 Series is perfect for those of you who spend more free time in your room, or lovers of gaming consoles who crave a comprehensive entertainment experience.

2. Xiaomi TV P1E 65 inch

For the first time Xiaomi presents a TV with the largest size, the Xiaomi TV P1E 65″. Supported by a 4K screen at 3840×2160 resolution, the Xiaomi TV P1E 65″ will provide an extraordinary cinematic experience.

With its large size, the Xiaomi TV P1E 65″ is perfect for young families who want to spend time together in the living room and add to the warmth of the gathering atmosphere.

Comes with Google Assistant, you can get hands-free help around the house from a personal assistant. Not only that, the Xiaomi TV P1E 65″ is equipped with a 360° Bluetooth remote control that functions as a smart home control hub, allowing you to easily control smart devices in all areas of the house.

You can get the Xiaomi TV P1E 65″ for only Rp. 9,499,000, making this product one of the 65 inch Smart TVs with the most attractive price offer.

You can get the latest Xiaomi TV A2 Series and Xiaomi TV P1E 65 “lines officially on online platforms (Shopee, Lazada, Tokopedia, BliBli, Akulaku, JD.ID) and offline (Xiaomi Store, Xiaomi Shop, Erafone).

3. Xiaomi TV Q1E 55

If you tend to be a perfectionist and have high standards in viewing comfort, the Xiaomi TV Q1E 55 ” can be the right choice. 4K Quantum Dot-based LED (QLED) display technology that is able to produce clear images, bright, vivid, and diverse color results, and MEMC technology up to 60Hz will make moving and moving images very smooth.

Not only equipped with high-quality technology, the Xiaomi TV Q1E 55″ also comes with an aesthetic design and appearance so that it can complete the aesthetic appearance of your home.

Visually, the Xiaomi TV Q1E 55″ has a slim bezel-less screen, and the side bezels and stand are made of high-quality thin aluminum alloy, which gives the screen a wider feel.

Get all the benefits of the Xiaomi TV Q1E 55″ starting from Rp. 8,499,000 at the Xiaomi Store, Erafone, Selected Xiaomi Shop, or online at the official Xiaomi Indonesia e-commerce store.

According to All View Cloud (“AVC”) data, Xiaomi ranks first in terms of Smart TV shipments in China for more than 3 years in a row. This is supported by a warranty offer for the entire Xiaomi TV line which has a 3-year panel warranty and 1-year spare parts.

In addition, consumers of the latest Xiaomi TV series can enjoy after-sales service at home without having to go to the service center.

Those are three recommendations for Xiaomi Indonesia’s digital smart TVs that support digital TV broadcasts.

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