4 Ways to Avoid Oversharing on Social Media, Don’t Always Record-Post

4 Ways to Avoid

4 Ways to Avoid : Social media oversharing is a condition where we share too often or too much content on social media. Not only good content and deserves to be seen by others. But also unimportant content that other people don’t need to see. This of course can have a negative impact on the perpetrators.

Habits like this have often been experienced by many people, especially the younger generation who are very active on social media. We cannot escape this from the ease of access to the internet and social media. In addition, social media has also become an inseparable part of everyday life. Even our physical life in the real world is also heavily influenced by trends that occur in cyberspace.

Even so, it means that we can do whatever we want on social media. There are a few things we have to take care of so we don’t get into trouble. Therefore we should avoid the habit of oversharing. 4 Ways to Avoid

1. Reduce the Use of Gadgets

Today’s very sophisticated gadgets make it easy for us to access social media. If we hold or use gadgets, then we will be tempted to open social media.

Likewise, when there are interesting things, we will be tempted to take pictures or record them to serve as content and then post them on our social media. If this is allowed then we will be oversharing.

Therefore, we should be able to slightly reduce the use of gadgets. Disconnect from gadgets when there is no need to use them. In addition to not being tempted to open social media, reducing the use of gadgets can make us enjoy more time in real life.

2. Uninstall Social Media Apps

One of the conveniences of accessing social media is that there are already available applications that can be installed on our gadgets. We don’t need to open a browser to access social media. This application also makes it easier for us to create and share content.

For that, if we want to avoid or overcome the habit of oversharing on social media, then we can try deleting or uninstalling social media applications on our cellphones. Thus, if we want to create content, we need greater effort.

3. Quality Time with Close People

The habit of oversharing can damage the quality of togetherness with those closest to us in the real world. For example, when we do activities together, we don’t focus on enjoying them but instead are busy recording or creating content. This of course makes the togetherness not good.

For that, try to enjoy time with the closest people without creating content. Most likely we will feel comfortable and more able to appreciate the time together.

4. More Selective in Creating Content

The habit of oversharing is marked by how often we share content. Usually this is done without a good selection process. We share all the content we can without thinking about the impact it could have.

Therefore, try to be selective in choosing the content we want to share on social media. This is important so that the content we share does not bring problems to us

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