4 Ways to Cut Song Files, Can be Without an Application

4 Ways to Cut Song Files, Can be Without an Application (Online)

Cut Song Files : In this millennial era, the development of the music industry is running so fast. Lots of new songs that appear and then go viral because they are of high quality and are liked by many people.

Even the songs in a film or even a Korean drama are made very well so that they give birth to songs that are very memorable for the listeners.

Have you ever found a song that really impressed you? could it be from a music video, film or drama?

If so, then maybe you’ve wanted to share pieces of the song with other people via chat, wa status or Instagram stories so they know about the song and then buy it or watch the video on YouTube.

Maybe you want to make the song your ringtone.

Well, because the song file, which is usually in MP3 format, is large and has a long duration, you need to cut the song and take the part you want. There are many other terms of cutting a song, including cut and trim.

How to cut a song is actually relatively easy. You can cut songs by installing the application on a PC, Laptop, Android cellphone and iPhone cellphone.

Or if you don’t want to install the application again then you can use a Web Browser such as Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to use a web that provides audio cut or audio trim services.

Then what are the ways? please refer to the discussion of the following Gadgetlogy.
How to Cut a Song on a Laptop Using Audacity

  1. Open the Audacity application then enter the song you want to cut by clicking the File menu -> Open -> select the song file you want to cut.
  2. If you have entered the song into Audacity, the next step is to mark the section you want to delete by left-clicking and holding the beginning you want to cut then sliding right until the end to be cut then pressing the “Backspace” button on the keyboard.
  3. The parts you marked will automatically be deleted.
  4. The last step to save the results of cutting songs, click the File menu -> Export -> Export as MP3.
  5. Done.

Well, easy right? The advantage of cutting songs with Audacity software is that you don’t need an internet connection (offline) and the process is very fast.
How to Cut a Song on a Laptop Without an Application (Online)

Well, in this way you can cut songs without the need to install new applications again.

But you need to have an active internet connection. The trick is to use the audio cut service from the following websites:

  1. Mp3Cut.net
  2. AudioTrimmer.com
  3. Clideo.com
  4. Mp3Cutter.com
  5. Aconvert.com
  6. Actutterpro.com

Although there are many choices, the method of cutting songs with this online web service is no different, so you are free to choose any web.

  1. Go to a web song cutter service provider.
  2. Press the Select File / Upload button and select the song file you want to cut.
  3. After the song file has been uploaded, you will be able to set the limit box for cutting songs. The part outside the box is the part of the song that will be deleted and inside the box is the part of the song that you will save.
  4. Then click the Cut/Process button and wait for the process to finish.
  5. When finished, you can save the results of the songs you cut by clicking the Save / Download button.

How to Cut Songs on Android Phones Using the Mp3 Converter Application

  1. Open the MP3 Converter application, there are various options but please select “Audio Cutter”.
  2. Find and select the music file you want to cut.
  3. How to cut the song is to set the bounding box. The part that is out of the box is the part of the song that will be deleted and what is inside the box is the part of the song that you will save. After that click the check button at the top right of the screen to continue the process.
  4. Then you can change the file name. For the format select MP3 then for Bitrate there are many choices and Gadgetlogy for example to choose the 128kb/s. Then click the “CONVERT” button.
  5. Wait for the process to 100%.
  6. If the process information is lost, the song we cut has been saved successfully.
  7. The location of the cut song storage is in File Manager -> Internal Storage -> VideoToMp3.

How to Cut Songs on iPhone using GarageBand & iMovie Apps

How to cut songs on an iPhone cellphone is very similar to an Android cellphone but what makes the difference is the application used.

As for third-party applications, you can use the following 2 applications.

  1. mp3 cut
  2. Mp3 Cutter

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