4 Ways to Merge JPG Files Into One, Can Be Online (HP & Laptop)

4 Ways to Merge JPG Files Into One, Can Be Online (HP & Laptop)

Merge JPG Files : JPG files are the most popular image format in the computer world. JPG images have the advantage that the file size is small but the image quality is still good.

Sometimes you need to combine several JPG image files to become one JPG file. Don’t worry because there is a very easy way to merge jpg files.

Well, combining JPG into one file is usually used to unify important documents in the form of scanned images such as scans of ID cards, KK, diplomas, make photo collages and to be uploaded to social media such as Instagram and Facebook or maybe also to display photographic works to make them more beautiful and attractive. .

For those of you who have photo editing skills in Adobe Photoshop, of course, combining JPG files is an easy thing to do. However, what if you don’t have that skill yet? even the price of the official photoshop license is arguably very expensive.

You could say that combining JPG files is not much different than on a cellphone, which is to screenshot and then scroll to make it long.

There are 2 methods that Gadgetlogy will discuss here, namely how to combine JPG files on a PC and on an Android phone.

The following ways to combine image files are very easy to use even for those of you who are still beginners in using computers. Keep on reading, come on.

There are two ways to combine jpg files on a laptop, namely online and offline.

The online method uses the merge jpg service which is accessed via a web browser.

While the offline method uses software that is usually already available on laptops such as Paint and Microsoft Word.
How to Merge JPG Files into One On a Laptop Using a Web Browser

This method has 2 parts, namely online and offline. You don’t need to install any additional software at all.

There are many websites that provide free services for merging jpg files, including:

  1. Filesmerge.com
  2. ofoct.com
  3. Onlineconvertfree.com
  4. Aconvert.com
  5. smallpdf.com
  6. Imgonline.com.ua
  7. Quickpicturetools.com
  8. Pinetools.com

That’s a lot right? Don’t worry, all of the above websites provide services for combining jpg files online for free and without registration.

The steps are actually not much different, therefore we will use Gadgetlogy, for example, one of the most popular is to combine jpg into 1 jpg file online using Filesmerge.com.

Here are the steps how to merge jpg files online:

  1. First, open the browser on your laptop and then go to the https://www.filesmerge.com/merge-jpg website.
  2. Then click the Select local file button to browse and select the photos you want to merge.
  3. Find and select the first image, if you have clicked the Open button.
  4. You have successfully added the first image then please continue by adding the next image. The method is still the same, namely by clicking the Select local file button. Repeat this step to add more than two images.
  5. After the two images have been successfully inserted, you can scroll down in the Merge options section to choose how to place the merged images. If you don’t change the settings in this section then the first and second images will be placed vertically i.e. the first image is on top and the second image is below it. If you select the Merge horizontally option then the first image will be on the far left and the next image will be on the right.
  6. If the two images have been successfully inserted, the next step is to click the Merge button and then wait for the process to complete.
  7. The last step is all you have to do is download the results by clicking the Click to Download it button.
  8. Done, the images have been successfully merged into one.

How to Merge JPG Files Into One On a Laptop Using Paint

This method does not require an internet connection (offline) but you need to take several steps so it is not as practical as the online method.

Here are the steps how to merge jpg files using Paint:

  1. Prepare the JPG images that you want to combine into 1. Save them in one folder to make it easier for you to select them.
  2. The next step, select an image then right click -> select the Open With menu -> then select Paint software. If there is no Paint option, click Choose default programs and then look for Paint in the list of available programs.
  3. Because paint is a default application so don’t worry, it’s definitely there.
  4. Once you’re in the Paint app with the first image you selected, you can resize it if you want.
  5. To add another JPG image, click the down button below the Paste button in the top left corner and select Paste From menu.
  6. Select the other images that you want to combine and then click the Open button.
  7. Now, after the images you want to combine are in the Paint application, you can adjust their size and location.
    After finished, to save the results, please click the File menu in the upper left corner then select the Save As menu. Then select the JPG format and click Save. You can also use the Ctrl+S combination to save.
  8. Done.

How to Merge JPG Files Into One On a Laptop Using Microsoft Word

Yep, you didn’t read it wrong. You can indeed use Microsoft Word to combine images into one. Even in this way you can more easily adjust the layout of the images you want to combine.

Although this method uses Microsoft Word, the results of merging the JPG images are still in JPG format because the final step is you still use Paint.

Here are the steps on how to merge jpg files using Microsoft Word:

  1. Prepare the JPG images that you want to combine into 1. Save them in one folder to make it easier for you to select them.
  2. Open the Microsoft Word application. On the Insert menu in the upper left corner, select the Pictures menu and then select Pictures From File.
  3. Select the first JPG file you want to merge.
  4. After the first image is entered into Microsoft Word to be able to move the image freely, right-click the image then select Wrap Text and select Square.
  5. Well, now you can move the image and resize it freely.
  6. To add another image, the steps are the same as steps 1 to 4.
  7. To save this merged image, please press the Print Screen button on your keyboard. This button is used to take a screenshot of the screen.
  8. Then open the Paint application, click the Paste button in the upper left corner.
  9. After your screenshot goes into Paint, do a Crop with the available Crop button to remove unnecessary images.
  10. If you are finished and to save the result as a JPG file, click the File menu in the upper left corner then select the Save As menu and select the JPG format.
  11. Click the Save button. Done.

How to Merge JPG Files Into One On Android Phone Using the Image Combiner Application

This method of merging jpg files can be used for those of you who use an android phone. There are many applications that you can use to combine jpg files into one file in the android application, including:

  1. Image Combiner
  2. Pic Merger
  3. Photo Merger
  4. Pix Mic
  5. Collage Maker

These applications actually have a method of use that is not much different, therefore for this tutorial, Gadgetlogy will review the lightest application for combining photos, namely the Image Combiner application.

If the application is installed, then you can follow the steps on how to combine jpg files on Android using the following Image Combiner application:

  1. First, download and install the Image Combiner application which you can find on the Playstore.
  2. Open the Image Combiner application and press the “+ ADD IMAGE” button to add the images you want to combine.
  3. Gadgetlogy example 2 more photos. You can select 2 at once and if you have, press the check button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  4. The next step is to press the “Merge Image” button to start the JPG merging process.
  5. There are 2 orientation options, namely the placement of images that are combined vertically or horizontally. And here try the Horizontal Gadgetlogy. Then press the “Save” button to continue the process.
  6. The last step is to give a name to the results of the images you merged and then press the “OK” button to save the results of the merged images to your cellphone gallery.
  7. The location for saving the combined results is in Internal storage -> Pictures -> Image Combiner.
  8. The JPG images were successfully merged into one image.
  9. Done.

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