5 Advantages of Buying a Laptop at an Offline Store

5 Advantages

5 Advantages : In the online era like today, people’s habits have changed a lot when it comes to shopping. All can be purchased directly from the smartphone. No need to leave the house, pay via mobile banking or e-wallet, and the goods will be delivered to your doorstep.

What may still be a doubt for consumers, what if we buy goods such as laptops? Actually it’s safe, as long as you choose an online store that is trusted and has an official guarantee. Even so, it must be admitted that until now there are still some advantages that you can only enjoy when buying a laptop offline, aka coming directly to the store. 5 Advantages

1. There is the potential to get a cheaper price

Many think that buying a laptop on e-commerce is cheaper because of the many promos. Of course it’s true. But buying in offline stores also has the potential to get more pocket-friendly prices. In some shops we are still allowed to negotiate or bargain the price. If it fits, just pay. The thing to remember, make sure the goods you buy have an official warranty and don’t be easily tempted when they are given cheap prices.

In addition, buying goods online means that we must be prepared to spend money for shipping. Laptops are certainly not products that can be sent carelessly. In addition to being quite heavy, shipping between cities or islands is recommended to add bubble wrap, wooden packing, and insurance so that the laptop can safely arrive at its destination. That means, there is an extra cost here. Meanwhile, if you buy a laptop offline, you only need to go to the nearest store.

2. Fast processing, no need to wait for goods

Buying a laptop at an offline store can be faster because you don’t have to wait for the goods to arrive. Come to the store, pay, and take home your dream laptop. Meanwhile, when buying online, you have to wait for the order to be processed and shipped by the store which usually takes 1 or 2 days (maybe even more, depending on the location and service chosen). It will be faster to use online transportation services such as Gojek/Grab, but the cost is more expensive if the location of the store is too far from home.

3. It’s relatively safer because you can take it home right away

Another advantage of buying a laptop at an offline store is that it is relatively safer, because the goods are taken home immediately. This means that you have complete control over the safety of the laptop you buy until you get home. The reason that some consumers in Indonesia may still apply is because they feel anxious when buying expensive items online.

4. Can directly try the product

Offline stores usually provide display products that you can try first before deciding to buy them. After that, you can also directly test the laptop you bought as soon as it is opened from the box. If you find a problem or the condition is not perfect, you can immediately ask for a new unit replacement right away.

5. Can ask questions with store employees

If you are not one of those people who really understand hardware and software on laptops, going to the store is a wiser option. Immediately do a question and answer with store employees to get a more detailed explanation before buying. That way, you can choose the type of laptop that best suits your needs.

That’ s 5 Advantages

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