5 Applications that can be Used to Track Packages

Applications that can be Used to Track Packages

The advantage of our place is that there are various expeditions such as Shopee Xpress and Ninja Xpress which we can choose as we wish. Unfortunately, because there are too many expeditions, sometimes we get confused about how to track packages without having to move from one website to another. Don’t worry, because there are several applications where we can check receipts that can be used to track all packages at once.

1. Trackway

With Trackway, you can track not just one but many shipment receipts. From Wahana to Ninja Xpress and Shopee Xpress, everything is here. So, you don’t have to worry and be afraid if you have to switch applications, because everything can be done with Trackway. In addition, Trackway also provides notifications to its users so that the recipient of the package can prepare himself when the package is about to be sent to its destination.

2. CheckReceipt

The second application that you can try is CekResi. Similar to LaKiman, CekResi users can use CekResi to track the status of the package being purchased. What makes CekResi different are the details of CekResi which provide more information than LaKiman. What’s more, CekResi has collaborated with more than 31 expeditions in Indonesia, so you can check almost all expeditions through CekResi. The important thing is that you have a complete Airway Bill or receipt. With this receipt, you can see all the details of the package delivery status from Shopee Xpress.

3. Check Postage & Check Receipt

If you have a package from abroad, maybe you can use Check Postage & Check Receipt (full name of the application). In addition to checking local expeditions, you can also check packages from abroad with this application. This application is suitable for those who like to buy packages from abroad or have an online shop that often sends overseas.

In addition to tracking packages, Check Postage & Check Receipt can also help users to check shipping costs to certain cities. So, you can predict the amount of costs incurred to send the item.

4. OneTracker

If you live overseas, OneTracker is the answer to your package tracking problem. OneTracker has a simple but beautiful layout that will spoil our eyes. They also don’t have ads, so you can easily open the app without waiting for anything.

What makes OneTracker different is their notification system. OneTracker will not use information from our mobile phones. If there is a new status regarding package delivery, the information will be sent to the email that you have registered. So, the information from the cellphone will remain safe and not be used for suspicious things.

5. Shiprocket

Besides using OneTracker, you can also use Shiprocket. Shiprocket provides complete everything, from shipping information from the beginning until the package arrives at home properly. In addition, you can track in batches so you can check shipments in large quantities. Shiprocket can also generate reports for packages sent. Anyway, Shiprocket has everything your tracking process needs!

These five applications can help you to get the latest information about your shipments more quickly and accurately. Of the five, which is your favourite?

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