5 Best PDF Editors You Should Try

Best PDF Editors

Even though PDF is our mainstay document, there are times when we have to change some parts of the PDF. In fact, PDF is a type of document that cannot be changed. But don’t worry, now there are many PDF editors that can help you make modifications to the PDF you want to convert. What are the modifications? Come on, check below

1. Easeus PDF Editor

EaseuS PDF Editor is one editor that has many features. Starting from changing the position of the page, adding/removing the page, adding forms such as lists, messages, and others. And if you want to change the format from PDF, you can convert it with just a few clicks. Pretty easy, right?

2. Getlua.com

If you don’t have time to download the file on your computer, you can use Getlua.com. Getlua.com is an internet-based PDF editor, where you only need the internet and a browser to open Getlua.com. With Getlua.com, you can do everything you need from a PDF editor, from moving pages, converting to PDF to other formats (or vice versa) like Word to PDF and PDF to Word, reducing the file size of the PDF – everything is possible. you find from Getlua.com. And because everything is done online, you don’t have to bother using a special device to open it. As long as you have a browser and internet, you can create Getlua.com anywhere, anytime.

3. Adobe Acrobat

If you need software with various features, you should use Adobe Acrobat. As a major player in the creation of PDF files, Adobe Acrobat has features that ordinary PDF editors don’t have. This makes Adobe Acrobat one of the favorite software for editing PDFs, and this is what makes Adobe Acrobat preferred by professionals. Unfortunately, because there are too many features, people who are new to Adobe Acrobat will feel confused and afraid to use Adobe Acrobat because it has too many features. You also have to use money too to get premium features.

4. Icecream PDF Editor

If you need a PDF editor that is similar to Adobe Acrobat but not Adobe Acrobat, you can use Icecream PDF Editor. Icecream PDF Editor has a layout that is quite simple and simple, so it is more comfortable for our eyes to see. Icecream also divides its features into categories, so we can find the features we want to use more easily. And if you want to protect your PDF, you can do that by locking the file and then giving it a password. Unfortunately, Icecream doesn’t have enough formatting to produce a wide variety of conversions so it’s not suitable for converting files from/to PDF.

5. PDFpenPro

If you are using a Mac, you can convert from PDF to other formats with Preview. However, Preview does not provide the editing options that we can get from PDFpen Pro. This Mac-only PDF Editor provides all the features to edit PDFs as you need them. Maybe Preview is suitable for those who just want to do a conversion. But if you need a Mac-only PDF Editor that has a lot of features, then PDFpen PRO is the answer.

There are many PDF editors that can be used to edit PDFs. Unfortunately, you have to download them to see if the software is what you want or not. Not often we are disappointed with the results provided by the software because it does not meet expectations. Therefore, make sure you have tested all the software to see if you are compatible with the software.

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