5 Fun Games You Can Play During Office Breaks

Slime Rancher

Office breaks are scary and fun hours for those who work in the office. Break time is fun because we can rest, but also scary because we often feel sleepy after the break. Well, if you’re sleepy after your break, you can fill your break with fun games that will keep you busy during your break. Want to know the game? Come on, see the article below!

1. Slime Rancher

If you’ve ever played Monster Rancher, then you can definitely play Slime Rancher. Slime Rancher has the same concept as Monster Rancher, which is to maintain slime by giving them food and activities every day. You can get those cute slimes by catching them first.

This game is suitable to be played during office breaks because this game will not make you stressed while playing. Instead of stress, you will feel happy because you can see these cute slimes happy when they are fed. Once you’ve played Slime Rancher, you’ll definitely be more excited when you get back to work after your break.

2. Solitaire

Do you enjoy keeping things organized? If so, you must play Solitaire during office breaks. Just like Solitaire on the computer, Solitaire on the cellphone is a game where we sort the cards according to the number and color they have. Here you have to rack your brain because the cards are given randomly, and not all of them come in order. However, that’s the challenge of Solitaire!

If you still haven’t finished the game, you can continue after you close the game. So, you can continue it at home as usual. FreeCell is another variation of the game Solitaire.

3. Stardew Valley

If you like farming like Harvest Moon, then you can try playing Stardew Valley during your free time at work. What makes Stardew Valley unique is its pixelated style as well as its incredibly varied story. Stardew Valley is also famous for its unique NPCs. If you like farming and a good story, maybe Stardew Valley is the game for you.

4. We Love Katamari

Want to test your creativity? You can play We Love Katamari. This game made in Japan is a game where you will roll objects around you so that they will turn into big balls. Your challenge here is to pass the road smoothly because the shape of the ball can make you “stuck” somewhere because there are unique objects there. This game is a game with no limits, so you can scroll around without worrying about the game ending.

5. Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire has the same concept as traditional Solitaire. What makes Spider Solitaire different from other Solitaires is the rules and the number of cards dealt when we draw the cards. When one of the rows is full of cards numbered 2 to Ace, the roll of cards will be lost. And as a player, you have to make sure that all the cards can “go” from the table.

There are many fun games and games that can be played during office breaks. If you play these games, surely you will not sleep again after a break!

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