5 Technologies Required to Operate Metaverse

5 Technologies

5 Technologies : Metaverse is a virtual world that brings people together through AR/VR devices, so it’s as if they are in the real world together.

Metaverse technology is increasingly popular after Mark Zuckerberg changed the name of the Facebook company to Meta.

However, in its application Metaverse requires several technologies that support its performance. Here are some of the technologies needed in the world of Metaverse. 5 Technologies

1. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality or often known as VR is a technology that can bring someone into the digital world. Users can interact with the environment in a virtual world that is simulated by a computer. Through VR, Metaverse users will be able to witness the visual aspects of the Metaverse that are close to reality.

2. Augmented Reality

Basically Augmented Reality simulates an artificial object in a real environment. Augmented Reality (AR) will complement VR by bringing audio and sensory features. This of course allows Metaverse users to interact directly. In addition, AR requires a camera, device monitor or HMD so that additional virtual objects can run in real-time.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a technology that can connect every device. One can automate all devices without having to be on site. This provides convenience for the government and industrial sectors. Artificial Intelligence is a computer technology that has human-like intelligence. The metaverse world requires Artificial Intelligence to imitate human cognitive functions.

4. Digital Currency

It is known that in the future in the Metaverse there will be financial transactions that require digital currency as a means of financial transactions. Metaverse will use cryptocurrencies as a means of buying and selling payments and investment vehicles.

5. Internet Connection

As we know that Metaverse is a technology that allows individuals to interact with other individuals virtually. Therefore, implementing Metaverse requires a fast internet connection. Now, the world is also preparing a 5G network to support the Metaverse.

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