5 Tips for Clearer HP Cameras for Video Calls

Tips for Clearer HP Cameras for Video Calls

It’s no longer the time to make video calls with just a computer/laptop webcam. Now, video calls are usually done with our own cellphones. Unfortunately, sometimes cellphones cannot meet our needs to provide clear results when we make video calls. Take it easy, because there is a solution so you can get clearer HP camera results for video calls.

1. Use the rear camera

The first mistake that people often make is using the rear camera for video calls. Yes, the rear camera is simpler and less complicated than the rear camera. However, the front camera cannot provide sharp quality like the rear camera. Meanwhile, there are times when we have to provide good quality for the rear camera (eg job interviews, video calls with people from Omegle).

If you don’t want to be complicated, you can use a tripod and then point the rear camera at your seat later during a video call. That way, you can use the rear camera without worrying about the results.

2. Clean the camera lens

Before you use the rear camera, make sure the camera has been cleaned. This is often a fatal error because a dirty camera will give blurry results. Starting from the most expensive cellphone or the cheapest, everything will give bad results if the camera is not clean. Don’t believe? Try cleaning the back and front camera of your cellphone and see how it turns out before and after cleaning. Surely the results are different.

3. Change camera resolution

Actually, the cellphone camera is no less sophisticated than an ordinary video webcam. In fact, if you can change the camera settings, the results will be much better than webcam videos. For example, if your camera provides HD or even 4K resolution, make sure you use it during an interview or video call with your crush from Tinder or OKCupid.

Of course, if you want to use a high resolution, you are required to charge the cellphone first so that the video call doesn’t die in the middle of the road. Or, you can plug your cellphone into the charger when making a video call.

4. Find a place with good lighting

Another thing that must be considered is the location of the background video call that will be made. No matter how high the resolution of the camera, everything will be in vain if you sit in a place with your back to the light and also use a gloomy dark background. We as camera users also have to adapt to our surroundings so that we can get maximum results during video calls. And the best place to make a video call is a place with sufficient light and a neutral background.

5. Use filters if needed

If all else doesn’t work, you can use filters. The advantages of filters are their settings which are intended to make filter users look cleaner and fresher. And they have variety too! Starting from the funniest filters and the simplest filters, everything can be obtained through filters.
If our camera does not give maximum results, we can do the above method to change it. There are still other ways to get a clear cellphone camera for video calls, interviews or girlfriends from Ometv. However, the simple method above can give quite satisfactory results

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