5 ways to limit screen time for kids

5 ways to limit

5 ways to limit  : Gadgets may be a way out to keep your little one calm, but staring at the screen for too long is not good for your little one, you know. There are several effects that children will feel if they stare at the gadget screen too much. Both for health and psychological reasons.

Your little one’s eyes, which are still healthy, may no longer be the same if you give them access to gadgets for too long. You can also see the change in his attitude when he is away from the gadget.

You also definitely don’t want your little one to keep playing gadgets. According to Very Well Family, here are 6 tips you can do to limit your little one’s screen time 5 ways to limit .

1. Learn about technology

Kids these days are usually tech-savvy. They know more about technology than Mother. For that, it’s a good idea for Mother to also learn about technology, so that she can keep up with the Little One.
2. Create an anti-gadget zone

Getting annoyed because your little one can’t get away from the gadget? Maybe it’s time for you to create an anti-gadget zone. In this zone, Mother can make an agreement with the Little One that he cannot play his gadget.

3. Make an appointment time

Mothers can make an agreement with the Little One regarding their screen time. In addition to making your little one slowly reduce time with gadgets, it will build understanding for your little one.
4. Explain clearly

If the time is right, you can explain clearly and firmly why you limit your little one’s screen time. It might be difficult at first, but then your little one will slowly reduce their time playing gadgets.
5. Invite him to play

One tip that you can do to make your little one reduce screen time is to invite him to play or do activities that keep him away from gadgets. Playing board games, storytelling, or reading books can be an option.

Those are 5 tips you can do to reduce screen time for your little one who is getting addicted to gadgets. So what are the signs that your little one has been playing gadgets for too long? Check out the full details on the following page, Mother.

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