6 Benefits of Inviting Children to Play Origami, One of them Makes Smart

6 Benefits of Inviting

6 Benefits of Inviting : We are certainly familiar with the word origami. The art of paper folding, which originated in Japan, has a myriad of benefits, especially for children’s development.

Not only as art or as an empty time filler, origami can also be an option for you to reduce your child’s screen time. So that the risk of gadget addiction in your baby can be reduced. Especially in this day and age where the use of gadgets seems to be the lifeblood of many people.

Then what are the benefits of inviting children to play origami? As reported by the Sehatq and Educenter pages, here are the benefits 6 Benefits of Inviting.

1. Practice Perseverance

As we know, to produce an origami masterpiece requires perseverance and patience. A little wrong, the results will be different. If the child is used to playing origami, gradually his perseverance and patience will be honed.

He will be a tough person and will not give up easily if he finds failure. Instead it will correct errors until it finally succeeds.

2. Practice Discipline

Playing origami will also foster a child’s discipline in following instructions. Unconsciously, the child will learn if he follows the instructions correctly then the results obtained are as expected. If you don’t follow the instructions, the results will be different.

3. Stimulating Children’s Ability to Solve Problems

Children who are accustomed to playing origami are also honing their ability to solve problems. How not, take an example if the origami results are different from the examples in the instructions, then he will analyze at what stage he made a mistake. If he has found the location of the problem, then surely he can fix it.

In addition, the child’s ability to focus and be thorough will also be honed at the same time. Because to find or analyze problems, it takes focus and thoroughness.

4. Stimulates Children’s Imagination

By playing origami, children are also stimulated to always develop their imagination. Children will imagine what kind of paper he wants to form. So that in the future children’s creativity will be more honed and produce original origami works.

5. Improve Children’s Cognitive

When playing origami, children’s cognitive is also sharpened at the same time. His ability to understand, process, evaluate information and how to act will be encouraged to be improved.

6. Sharpen Children’s Motor Coordination Skills

Playing origami can also hone children’s skills in coordinating their motor skills. Unconsciously, the child’s eyes and hands are stimulated to coordinate well.

In addition to hand-child coordination, when playing origami children will be encouraged to sharpen their dexterity.

Those are a number of benefits that children will get when playing origami. So, are you interested in taking your little one to play origami

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