7 Ways to Overcome WhatsApp so it’s Not Slow when Used

7 Ways to Overcome

7 Ways to Overcome  : Users may have experienced the WhatsApp (WA) application being slow or slow when opened or used.

How to solve WhatsApp so it doesn’t slow down is actually easy. There are various causes for slow WA, but they are often influenced by the performance of the phone or the application system that has not been updated.

Summarized from various sources, here are the steps you can try to solve slow WhatsApp 7 Ways to Overcome .

1. Delete WhatsApp messages

The number of messages in your WhatsApp chat room can be ascertained to be more than one. In addition, it also contains photo and video files of various sizes.

Especially if the application has many groups not just one. The more messages and multimedia files accumulate, the performance of WhatsApp will decrease.

The easy way is to just select a few WhatsApp messages in the chat room that if they are no longer important and deserve to be deleted so that WhatsApp runs smoothly again.

2. Clear cache

In addition to text messages, the cache that is allowed to accumulate also makes the WhatsApp system slow. Cache or cache is a temporary storage of data that is likely to be used again by the user.

Ideally, you need to regularly clear the cache on your phone once every 2 days or once a week.

The trick is to open the settings on the cellphone, select Apps, click Manage Apps, find the WhatsApp application, select clear data in the bottom menu so that storage space is more spacious and the application is not easily slow.

3. Update WhatsApp to the latest version

The way to fix WhatsApp so that it doesn’t slow down is to make sure that the application used is the latest version. Please note, WhatsApp always performs system updates to maximize performance and eliminate bugs that existed in previous versions.

You can update WhatsApp through the App Store or Google Play Store and usually there is always a notification coming to your phone, if it is necessary to update.

4. Clean phone RAM

RAM in the phone is very possible to be full quickly. Especially if you are running multiple applications at the same time. In addition to affecting WhatsApp so slow, the performance of other applications is also potentially unresponsive.

Smartphone users can certainly take advantage of the built-in features of RAM Cleaner so that the phone is clean again and doesn’t slow down easily.

5. Gadgets must be compatible

Don’t take it lightly, less compatible gadgets can also affect WhatsApp slow. Gadgets that have an outdated system are most likely no longer able to update applications.

When the gadget is completely incompatible, of course the impact is felt on the phone’s overall performance which slows down.

6. Uninstall then reinstall WhatsApp

Another alternative to slow WhatsApp is to uninstall the application or delete it. Then after it has been successfully removed, you can reinstall it via the App Store or Google Play Store.

This method will help clear cache, RAM, as well as update WhatsApp to the latest version.

7. Restart the phone

Restart is a feature that can help refresh the operating system on your cellphone or cellphone. When restarted, the cellphone will reload or load the system. All unused temporary files and junk will be deleted.

When the cellphone is turned on again, the system will work lighter. How to fix WhatsApp so that it doesn’t slow down by restarting is quite helpful because it clears cache and RAM at the same time. thats 7 Ways to Overcome

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