8 Ways to Keep iPhone Battery Health Durable and Not Easily Damaged

Ways to Keep iPhone Battery

Currently, the use of cellphones or smartphones has become an obligation because of its functions that can help various kinds of work. Well, the iPhone is one of the brands or HP products that has been widely used throughout the world. This technology made in the United States is loved because of its features and capabilities that can carry out various important tasks.

However, not infrequently the problem of wasteful and hot batteries has been experienced by many users in the world. Actually, the iPhone has a feature to monitor battery health conditions that you can use as a benchmark. Well, here are some ways to keep your iPhone’s battery health durable and not easily damaged.

For users of this Apple-made cellphone, there are several ways you can do to maintain the health of the iPhone battery. You can do the steps below.

1. According to Apple’s official website, users can update iOS regularly to get technology that is more battery efficient. Update the operating system will also increase the security on our HP.

2. Don’t let your favorite iPhone be exposed to extreme temperatures, for example above 35 degrees Celsius or below 0 degrees Celsius. Extreme temperatures will reduce battery life.

3.Use the original charging device recommended by the manufacturer. Using a built-in or original product will make iPhone battery health last longer.

4. Even though it has an automatic circuit breaker feature, you should not charge your iPhone all day long. Constantly plugging your iPhone into power will decrease the battery life of your phone.

5.Avoid downloading and installing third-party applications that consume massive battery power. If there are indeed battery-consuming applications that are never used, you should delete them from your cellphone because they will only burden the performance of the device.

6. Pay attention to the percentage or maximum capacity of battery health on your iPhone. If it shows 40 or 50 percent, maybe you should consider replacing a new battery.

7. Avoid using HP too intensely while charging. Intense use while charging will cause the battery temperature to increase and may decrease the life of the battery.

8.Well, if you replace the battery with a new one, we recommend using an original product from Apple. Using fake batteries will only harm us in the future.

Well, how are you? Even though it seems simple and trivial, taking some of the steps above is proven to be able to extend the life of your iPhone battery. Well, hopefully this article about tips and how to maintain iPhone battery health can be an input for you, huh!

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