9 of the best browser apps for iPhone, making browsing so fast

9 of the best

9 of the best : In addition to Android smartphones, iOS users can also use third-party web browser applications to surf the internet. This time, brilio.net will review some of the best browser applications for iPhone users.

For those of you iPhone users, of course, for the purpose of accessing the internet, maybe you always use the Safari browser. Safari can indeed meet the needs of browsing the web with a very accessible appearance.

But sometimes, there are some people who feel bored with the look of Safari access that is just like that. Therefore, for those of you who may also feel bored and want to surf the virtual world with a new look, you can use a third-party browser application that can be downloaded from the iOS App Store.

In addition to getting a new and fresh look, you also have the potential to get internet access speeds that are no less fast, you know. Because each of these browser applications has different features and advantages. But what are the best browser applications that can be used for iPhone, iPad, or other iOS device users? 9 of the best

1. Safari

Apple’s own browser application, Safari is the best browser application for iPhone users because it takes advantage of the excellent features of the Apple ecosystem. In addition, several versatile features include iCloud which can sync passwords across all Apple devices, protected security with Touch ID, Apple Pay, Safari Reader Mode, and other superior features.

2. Google Chrome

You can use the browser application made by Android users for your iPhone, namely Google Chrome. If you were an Android user who switched to an iPhone, you can directly sync the data to your iPhone.

In addition, another interesting feature of this application is that it can translate web pages to voice searches so you don’t have to bother typing.

3. Opera Mini

Even though it’s titled Mini, Opera Mini’s performance for browsing can’t be underestimated. The reason is, Opera Mini uses the best compression mode, namely Opera Turbo. So, you can surf fast by using this browser application.

4. Firefox Focus

The name Firefox is not a foreign name for those of you who have been surfing the internet for a long time. Because, Firefox itself provides the best browsing performance.

With Firefox Focus, browsing security is more protected. For that, you don’t have to worry about hackers interfering, because Firefox Focus itself has efficiently blocked many web trackers.

5. Mozilla Firefox

Fifth, you can use Mozilla Firefox for browsing purposes with fast performance. The main version of Firefox Focus has been accompanying internet friends for a long time. Therefore, its features are not inferior to Chrome or Safari.

6. Ghostery

In addition, a browser application for iPhone devices that is no less interesting is Ghostery. How come? This browser application is a lightweight application that can block all social trackers, scripts, and so on to make surfing even more secure.

7. Puffin Browser

A lightweight but feature-packed iPhone browser app? Just try downloading Puffin Browser. The reason is, this browser application has a variety of superior features, namely it can compress data to be able to browse pages better, private browsing, and others.

8. Dolphin Browser

Besides Puffin, the next browser application of choice is Dolphin Browser. This application is quite useful and has many features in it, namely there are special gestures to open a certain site, Dolphin Connect to sync bookmarks and history, to night mode.

9. Maxthon Cloud Web Browser

You can also download Maxthon Cloud Browser as your preferred browser application on your iOS device. This lightweight application is equipped with features that are no less interesting, you can take advantage of ad blocking features, note-taking tools, until there is a feature to manage passwords that can be synced from Apple devices or other devices.

that’ s 9 of the best

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