9 Tips for safe gadget shopping online to be safe

9 Tips for safe

9 Tips for safe  : Online shopping has now become a habit for people to meet various needs. Especially during the pandemic where we are encouraged to reduce activities outside the home. Of course, traveling to a shopping center is very risky for exposure to Covid-19.

However, many think when buying gadgets, you should not go online. It’s best to just buy it at an offline store. The reason is, you can be deceived. Instead of spending big money to have a cool new smartphone, for example, you can even zonk.

9 Tips for safe  This assumption is not entirely true. Indeed, there are also those who are deceived when shopping for gadgets. But it can’t be generalized. Not everyone who purchases a smartphone online is tricked. Many also live up to expectations.

So instead of being confused, you should consider the following tips before buying a gadget online so you won’t be fooled. 9 Tips for safe

1. Check store reputation

The first thing to look at of course is the reputation of the store or seller. You can see their reputation from the badges they have, the ratings they get, reviews and also comments or criticisms submitted by consumers. Everything is clearly displayed in the shop. Because online shops or marketplaces nowadays are very transparent.

Another way is to look at the prices offered. Don’t be tempted by prices that are too cheap. Compare with the price set by the manufacturer. Honest stores usually offer prices that are not too far from the manufacturer’s price. On the other hand, a shop that offers too low a price can be suspected as a shop that can deceive. Also check the location of the shop. Most online stores also have physical stores (offline). If anything, this will also make it easier if you are going to claim the warranty.

2. Ask a lot of questions

When shopping, you have to be fussy. Let alone when shopping for a smartphone that has to spend quite a lot of money, even for shopping for Rp. 100-200 thousand, you have the right to be fussy, you know, aka ask the seller a lot.

Now when the store or seller responds to questions and is patient in answering each of your questions, this can be an added value. Make sure you take full advantage of all the features of interacting with this seller. Anything that comes to mind, or anything you want to know, ask. Good sellers are even usually open to personal interaction.

3. Comparing smartphone features and prices

When you want to buy a smartphone, it’s a good idea to read the reviews first. Whether it’s through blogs or Youtube. So you know about the features and the price range. Only after that, you choose an online store or go to the marketplace.

Well, once you’ve looked at the shop, you can compare the prices on offer. Remember, don’t be tempted by prices that are too cheap. Don’t forget to also look at the product specifications that will be added to the shopping cart and check out.

Make sure to read all the descriptions. There are times when the picture and the name of the product has already fascinated us. So forget the specifications. Be it color, choice of memory and RAM, or even something else.

4. Shop on the official app

In addition to having a website, today’s online stores also have applications. When shopping for gadgets online, it’s a good idea to shop through official applications. Because if you go through a third-party application or website, it is very risky for you to be deceived. Not only the goods, even your identity is also at risk of being misused, you know.

What’s interesting, shopping on official applications can also get you a lot of benefits. For example, cheaper prices, cheaper or even free shipping costs, so you can get lots of promos.

5. Always check the availability and completeness of the goods

Shopping for new gadgets certainly makes you happy. But don’t let this keep you off guard in checking this out. For example, you forget to check the availability of goods and accessories. You only realize it when you have paid. You may have to wait until it is restocked, or even wait for a refund. Pretty time consuming.

So to avoid this, make sure you are careful. Check everything. Ask everything to the seller’s shop. So when the goods are in hand, everything is as expected.

6. Use promo

When shopping online, you often get promos. From discount promos, cashback vouchers, or maybe free shipping vouchers. So when shopping for gadgets, it’s the same. There’s nothing wrong with using it. It’s going to be cheaper.

But again you have to remember, before shopping, make sure you know the market price first. So that you are not deceived by prices that may have been marked up, then given a big discount sign. Yet if you calculate it, the price is the same. Don’t be like that.

7. Use promo events

Every online store has a certain promo program. For example, flash sales, Harbolnas, or others. Now when you buy a gadget, you can also take advantage of this promo event. Although not big, but still, the price will be more economical. Just hold on. Or if you don’t want to miss it, just register your email. A regular email will be sent if there is an event taking place.

So if you are planning to buy a new gadget now? There’s nothing wrong with choosing Realme C15 at Blibli. Guaranteed you will not be fooled because Blibli is a trusted online store in Indonesia. The price of Realme C15 is now around Rp. 2 million, you know! Quite interesting if you are looking for a new smartphone with qualified specifications and affordable prices.

8. Use the most convenient payment method

Buying gadgets online can be paid for in various ways. Starting with cash using a debit card, using a credit card in installments, using an e-wallet, using e-money, to cash on delivery (COD).

Each of these payment methods has advantages and disadvantages. The advice, just use a payment method that makes you comfortable. If you pay using a credit card, make sure you fill in personal data, such as credit card numbers, and other personal numbers on a secure page that uses HTTPS. Do not use public Wifi, because it is vulnerable to data theft.

9. Choose the best shipping service

Well this is no less important. When buying gadgets online, make sure you choose the best shipping service. So that the goods are kept safe.

That’ s 9 Tips for safe

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