A Guide to Buying Video MP3 Players

A Guide to Buying Video MP3 Players

Video MP3 Players : Buying a video MP3 is not that simple. It could be confusing because there are countless gadgets that you can select from. Each of them has its own capabilities as well as limitations. Different marketing techniques from each company add to the chaos. Here are some things to look for when buying a video MP3 player.

– Brand name. Video MP3 player with a brand name can assure you that it is a good quality product. The top brands normally offer warranty and return policy. Avoid buying from unknown brands.

– More than music. Of course MP3 player is known for music but there are other features of this gadget. Video MP3 can play movies, television shows and slideshows. There are also advanced gadget that has wide screen and colorful LCD. If you are not sure about the content of the MP3 player, the safest way is go for something that can handle everything. Price is often outweighed by the gadget’s features.

– Size matters. Video MP3 comes in different sizes. Some can even fit the palm of your hands. The smallest ones are great to accompany you in workout routines and outdoor activities. There are mid size ones that are so popular with large percentage of consumers. The large ones are best for playing videos however they are so expensive.

– Storage capacity. You can either go for internal hard drive or flash memory. The former can store much while the latter only a few. It is best if you know how many songs you will store as well as your budget.

– Life of the battery. Most MP3 have a built in rechargeable battery. See to it that the battery can last for 12 hours or more. There are even some with 40 hours of battery life. Consider buying a charger.

– Ways to add music. Video MP3 usually comes with software that can let you manage video and music library. You can copy or add music without really having the technical experience. There are online services that can help you add videos or music. They offer readily available content that you can enjoy for years.

-More than MP3 format. Select a gadget that can play different files like WMA, ACC, WAV, and more.

– Flexible in operating system. There are video MP3 players that work with a type of computer and operating system. Try to find one that can adjust to whatever pc that you are using.

– Additional functions. There are some video MP3 players with additional features like microphones, radio, and internet.

– Add-ons. There are some people who go gaga over accessories and add-ons. These can enhance the look of the product. There are brands that offer more accessories ranging from protective cases, speakers, headphones and adapters.

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