Acer KA272 Monitor: Perfect for Work

Acer KA272

If we mention the Acer brand name, maybe we will immediately think about laptop or PC products. In fact, they also have a variety of other devices, including components such as monitors.

The Acer KA272 monitor that we will discuss this time, is one of them. This monitor is include in the entry-level segment, which is perfect for those of you who are looking for monitor components for PCs with a limited budget. Well, to get to know him more, let’s discuss what the features and specifications of this monitor are!

Acer KA272 Monitor Features & Specifications

Although he is included in the entry level segment, we will not find the cheap impression of this monitor. Even in my personal opinion, it has a design that is quite stylish and modern.

The ZeroFrame design concept used by the Acer KA272 monitor, presents a body with very thin bezels. Thus, the impression of elegance will be felt even more.

In order to get the right position for the eyes, the stand of this laptop can be tilted with a tilt angle ranging from -5° to 15°. The large screen span, which is 27 inches, allows us to view content more freely.

The input interface owned by the Acer KA272 is a VGA port, and also HDMI 1.4. The more flexible port options coupled with the wide screen landscape, make it not only suitable for home or office PCs.

But it is also ideal for use as an external monitor for laptops, so that we can view content more freely and comfortably. In fact, it can also be connect to the PlayStation game console.

For Work, Or Play Games? Why Not Both?

Acer KA272 uses an IPS type screen panel. And of course, the viewing angle of this monitor is already very wide, which is up to 178° vertically or horizontally. This means that all content displayed on this monitor will still be clearly visible from all directions.

The Full HD (1920×1080 pixels) resolution on the 27-inch screen ensures that the display looks sharp, clear, and crisp. And in my opinion, the sharpness of the screen resolution is very fitting and comfortable for everyday use. Whether it’s to carry out work activities, or to watch.

Acer KA272

But is the Acer K272 monitor suitable for gaming? For a large monitor with a limited budget, I personally think the Acer K272 is quite worthy of consideration. Considering this monitor itself already supports a 75Hz refresh rate, with a response time of 1ms.

Inde, this monitor is not intended for hardcore gamers who are hungry for high frame rates. But at least, this monitor will definitely feel better than standard monitors which generally only support refresh rates up to 60Hz.

Especially if it turns out that we combine the Acer KA272 monitor with a PC that uses a graphics card from AMD Radeon. The gaming experience will also feel better with AMD FreeSync technology. Which will work to align the frame rate with the monitor’s refresh rate, so it will prevent tearing and stuttering effects.

As a complementary feature that supports gaming activities, the Acer KA272 also has a Flicker Free feature which is claim to be able to prevent flickering effects on the monitor.

Another feature that I think is very useful to support daily activities is Bluelight Shield. Bluelight Shield itself is a feature that will reduce the emission of blue light on the screen.

Which as we all know, blue light on the screen can potentially damage the eyes. And reduce comfort when staring at the monitor for long periods of time. This will make your eyes feel tired more quickly.

I think the Acer KA272 can be use as a win-win solution for those of you who want a large monitor. Comfortable to work with or play with, but have a limited budget.

Although “only” has a refresh rate of 75Hz, this monitor will definitely. Feel better than a standard monitor which has an average refresh rate of 60Hz. Because the display animation displayed in the game will feel smoother. With a note, as long as the PC is also capable of running games with a refresh rate of 75fps and above.

What’s more, the presence of the AMD FreeSync feature on this monitor will make gaming activities more comfortable. Especially for PC users with graphics cards from AMD Radeon.

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