Advantages and Disadvantages Smartphone Realme C35

Advantages and disadvantages smartphone

Advantages and disadvantages smartphone-In the following, the editor will provide information about a number of advantages and disadvantages of the realme C35 cellphone as consideration before deciding to buy it.

Please note, the Realme C35 device is here as an answer to user requests who want a cool cellphone design, low prices and pretty decent specifications.

So it’s not surprising, this cellphone is the target of consumers because it is quite worthy to be considered. The reason is, at an affordable price, consumers will get a cellphone with a contemporary design, a camera with a large lens resolution, a rhino battery and support for other interesting features.

To be clear, below, the editorial will review in detail what are the advantages and disadvantages of this realme output device. Please listen.

Advantages and disadvantages smartphone

The advantages of the Realme C35 cellphone

For discussion points about the advantages and disadvantages smartphone, we will provide information about what are the advantages of this realme C35 so that it makes this phone worth buying.

1. Cool Design

As the editor alluded to at the beginning of the article, design is one of the main points that is the selling point of this realme cellphone.

Realme C35 comes with a cool design, has a flat design appearance so that it looks slimmer. At first glance, the appearance of this cellphone is similar to the iPhone, moreover the design of the rear camera module also resembles that of the Apple cellphone.

2. Main Camera High Resolution

The next advantage of the Realme C35 is on the side of the camera it carries, where the main camera on the Realme C35 already carries a resolution of up to 50MP.

With a camera resolution of that size, of course it will produce pretty good photos and videos. Moreover, it is supported by various features for photography purposes, making this cellphone quite reliable for users who like to take pictures.

3. Big Battery

The next advantage lies in the capacity of the battery it carries. Where for the realme C35, it is provided by the manufacturer with a 5000mAh battery that is ready to accompany users throughout the day.

Although the battery capacity that it carries is quite large, the process of charging this device is quite fast and does not take long. Because the realme C35 carries fast charging technology or Fast Charging with a power of 18 Watts, it will be able to charge the battery on this device faster.

4. There is a RAM Enhancer Feature

Although the realme C35 is a cellphone that is intended for beginner class users, this cellphone is apparently already equipped with technology that allows users to add RAM to this cellphone.

Please note, Realme has developed a technology called Dynamic RAM Expansion (DRE) which is embedded in this cellphone to overcome performance lags caused by limited RAM in the smartphone. With the RAM-enhancing technology, this device will have maximum performance when used.

5. Full HD screen

For the screen itself, we will find this phone already uses a screen with an IPS panel. Where the screen supports Full HD 1080 x 2408 pixels resolution with a pixel density of up to 401 ppi.

In other words, the display screen of this phone will be very attractive, which will spoil multimedia content through the screen. Unfortunately, there is no information on whether the screen of this phone supports the refresh rate or not.

6. Wide Screen Dimension

In addition to having a sharp screen, in fact realme will also use a screen with dimensions of 6.6 inches. With these dimensions, it will definitely spoil for those who like to play games and also watch videos.

Realme also seems unmitigated by presenting a screen with an aspect ratio of 20: 9 ratio. So that it looks premium with a bezel that looks quite thin, making it easier for users to access the screen.

7. New Chipset Performance

There is something quite surprising with the use of the Unisoc Tiger T616 chipset which has a 12 nm fabrication. This chipset is clearly a lot of questionable problems, not many have used this chipset for android phones.

But it needs to be emphasized that the performance of the chipset will be able to compete in the same class. Those of you who like gaming, will obviously be spoiled by the presence of the chipset in this cool phone.

8. Rear Camera 50 MP

As for the rear camera, there will be a triple camera with a main lens of 50 MP wide lens. Furthermore, there will be support for a 2 MP macro lens and another additional 2 MP that is ready to optimize photography.

The other side will be encountered are features that will enhance the photography of this phone such as the presence of LED flash, HDR, panorama. For the ability to record video itself is limited to full HD only.

The Disadvantages of the Realme C35 cellphone

After knowing what are the advantages of this C35 realme device. In the article about the advantages and disadvantages smartphones, we will also discuss the disadvantages of the Realme C35 smartphone.

1. Performance Could Be Better, Especially for Games

realme C35 comes with the UNISOC Tiger T616 chipset with 4GB RAM support and 64GB or 128GB UFS storage. Before discussing performance, let’s first talk about the UNISOC Tiger T616.

UNISOC Tiger T616 is a chipet with a 12 nm fabrication process. This chipset comes with four power-efficient Cortex-A55 cores (1.8 Ghz) and two fast cores for Cortex-A75 performance (2.0 Ghz). For the graphics processor, aka GPU, this chipset uses the Mali-G57 MP1.

The benchmark side shows numbers that are actually quite okay for light games. Unfortunately, the chipset is not as powerful as expected. According to 91mobiles, the ability of this phone is not too powerful. There are moments when the phone freezes or does not respond when opening many applications.

While Techradar said if this phone is not too bad. The phone is fairly quick to navigate, both for simple tasks like scrolling between menus and when using social media apps and checking email. Unfortunately, the performance for playing games on this phone is quite ordinary.

2. Battery Charging Time Is Not Fast

Despite having a long battery life, the charging time of this phone is not the fastest. realme actually claims that the phone can support charging up to 18 watts. Only, the charging time feels long. As stated by Techradar, charging the phone takes more than an hour. Not the longest, but not the fastest either.

3. No NFC and Lack of Sales Package Contents

Currently, there are already many Rp. 2 million cellphones that feature the NFC feature. Unfortunately, the realme C35 doesn’t have that. In fact, the presence of NFC could make this phone interesting to look at.

In addition to the absence of NFC, this phone has an incomplete sales package. For example there is no protective casing. However, at least realme still provides an 18 watt charger in the sales package.

4. For some people, it may be a bit less comfortable to hold

Unfortunately, a design like this can cause different feelings for each user. The 91mobiles site stated that he felt this design was indeed interesting. Unfortunately, the sharp side makes the hand a bit less comfortable to hold.

The same thing was also express by which said it was less comfortable to hold a cellphone. The reason is, the size of the phone is rather large and the flat edges make the grip less ergonomic. However, this of course can be trick by using a casing.

That’s a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages smartphone. Hopefully it can help you to choose and sort out when you want to buy a new cellphone. I hope this helps!

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