Advantages of Samsung Phones

Advantages of Samsung Phones

Advantages of Samsung Phones, 2022 is a very interesting year for you gadget fans. The reason is, there are so many innovations from the many smartphone brands that continue to compete fiercely in order to present their respective superior products. Starting from the features, prices, to the experience offered, each brand continues to compete trying to dominate the market.

It cannot be denied, one of the brands in the competition is Samsung. This well-known smartphone brand from South Korea is known to consistently release the best mobile phone lines that are in demand by the public. Let’s review a Advantages of Samsung Phones and reasons why you should choose Samsung over other smartphone brands.

1. Has DeX features

The first reason why I prefer Samsung smartphones over other smartphones is because of the Samsung DeX feature. Samsung DeX is a feature that we rarely find in other smartphone brands.

With the support of Samsung DeX, you can use a smartphone like a mini PC that can be connect directly to a TV or monitor. When many brands are starting to leave this desktop feature, Samsung continues to develop it, even today tends to be more sophisticated.

So, what are the benefits of this feature? For those of you who rarely use a desktop or only need to process documents, of course this feature buys savings because you don’t need a separate PC or laptop. You only need to rely on a Samsung smartphone through the Samsung DeX feature.

2. Price range varies

Samsung offers a wide selection of smartphones in all price ranges. You can get Samsung smartphones starting from cheap prices under Rp. 1 million to the flagship series which are priced in a price range of tens of millions to tens of millions.

In contrast to Apple’s manufacturers, where the majority of their device lines are classified as expensive, Samsung actually offers a lot of smartphone options that we can choose according to our needs as well as our budget. Users can also be more flexible in determining which is the best smartphone option they can use.

3. Screen display quality

For screen quality, Samsung can be said to be very superior when compared to many other smartphone brands. The super AMOLED screen panel that Samsung carries has quality to sharpness above average. In fact, there are lots of other brand flagship smartphone outputs that rely on screen panels made by Samsung, you know!

This is because Samsung has its own screen production division, both for smartphone screens, smartwatches, and TVs. So, for those of you who want a phone with a good screen quality. Samsung’s line of smartphones is certainly a must to consider, yes!

4. Software and platforms

The fourth reason is the quality platform that Samsumg has always promoted. Samsung’s One UI is one of the best feature-rich Android platforms. Major updates from One UI are also fairly consistent in the last few years. So, Samsung users don’t have to bother constantly changing the UI and UX on a regular basis.

This platform is also a fairly clean platform when many Android platforms from several popular smartphone brands are still crowded with advertising offers or sponsored shortcuts. Guaranteed in terms of software and platforms, Samsung’s offerings in this sector are already of high quality!

5. Design

Advantages of Samsung Phones

The last reason that makes Samsung phones worth considering is in terms of design. If you pay attention in recent years, Samsung has its own design language that makes it stand out and stand out in the midst of the onslaught of the international smartphone market.

Indeed, there are times when Samsung itself has problems with Apple in terms of design because of the similarities between the Galaxy series and iPhone products a few years ago. However, after the case faded, Samsung began to release its products with bold characteristics that match the character of Samsung’s own design.

Judging from the Advantages of Samsung Phones that have been discuss. Samsung smartphone products are clearly the best choice that offers various advantages for users to enjoy. What do you think? Are you an active user and a fan of the Samsung brand too?

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