After Huawei and Xiaomi, Oppo is now ready to make cars

Oppo is now ready to make cars

The wave of Chinese telecommunications companies that want to make cars is getting bigger. After Huawei and Xiaomi, reported CarNewsChina, a telecommunications company based in Dongguan, Oppo opened up opportunities to make cars. According to CarNewsChina, the mission of making the car was directly commanded by Oppo CEO Tony Chen. Currently Oppo is also looking for potential talents who can smooth their desire to make cars.

“Even in the manufacturing of cars, we will focus on the areas where Oppo is doing its best. If the car manufacturers can’t make good cars and we have the power to do that, then we will try to do it in the future. It’s just that we don’t know the steps what Oppo will take in making cars.

Whether to follow the way Xiaomi is really trying hard to make a car as a whole or do the way that Huawei. It is known that Huawei has chosen to make the “smart brain” of autonomous electric cars needed by manufacturers or automotive start-ups. Huawei has even managed to do it by launching the Seres SF5 car. The car is the result of Huawei’s collaboration with California start-up Seres.

indeed is groping the already established automotive industry. They are very active in meeting with various parties who have been in the automotive world for a long time. Recently they met with the Chinese car company, SAIC. In addition, they have also met the electric car battery provider company, CATL. Currently all efforts and missions are centered in Oppo’s automotive division in Chengdu, China.

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