Aiming for Good Image Quality, iPad 2024 Will Use OLED Screen

Aiming for Good Image

Aiming for Good Image : The iPad Pro OLED is in the works. As per the supply chain-centric Korean news outlet, it is likely that the device will launch in 2024. According to a report from ETNews, Apple has started production of a prototype iPad model equipped with OLED. Screen, not LCD or mini-LED panels.

Apple is reportedly eyeing unrivaled image quality with its OLED display tablet that is likely to debut under the iPad Pro lineup some two years from now. Compared to LCD panels, OLED displays offer better contrast, higher color saturation, and deeper blacks coupled with increased brightness output. However, Apple isn’t just shifting the display technology attached to its upcoming tablet.

Aiming for Good Image The company is, for the first time, reported to be using a process called dry etching that involves chemically removing unnecessary elements from screen assemblies. Thanks to the new method, the underlying TFT circuit is thinner and lighter. Apple could theoretically use the technology for the only OLED-equipped product in its current lineup – the iPhone – but there’s no need to bother because the small size of the panels will cost up production. By comparison, the dry OLED panels for the upcoming Apple-branded tablet are three times larger, the claim.

Thanks to the dry etching technique to make OLED panels, Apple plans to make its tablets as light as possible. For reference, the current-generation iPad Pro staggers a 12.9-inch ProMotion panel that weighs 1.51 pounds. In addition, Apple is also said to be working on a special protective coating for the OLED panels intended for the iPad 2024. As for suppliers, Samsung and LG are said to be competing to win Apple’s plum contract, as quoted from Digital Trends. iPad 2024 Will Use OLED Screen

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