AirPods Will Use USB-C Port ?


The AirPods charging case is rumored to be switching from a Lightning port to USB-C. However, these changes will only be implemented by Apple starting next year. The latest AirPods released this year will likely still carry a Lightning port.

The rumor was revealed by Apple analyst, Mig-Chi Kuo. He said that all AirPods models released in 2023 will use a USB-C port. This is in line with the news that developed recently. Previously, Apple is also rumored to have started developing an iPhone that uses this port.

Apple’s move is believed to comply with the latest rules from the European Union which has set USB-C as the standard. They require that all phones released in 2024 are USB-C. Including the iPhone which has been using the Lightning port, an exclusive port for all Apple devices.

For information, the Lightning port has been used by Apple since 2012 when the iPhone 5 was released. That means the technology is 10 years old now and it looks like it would be a good time for them to switch to the faster and more modern USB-C port. Interesting we wait!

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