All About iPhone Operating System

All About iPhone Operating

All About iPhone Operating :

General information

With the advent of smartphones and improvement in computer technologies people are now more aware about the kind of gadgets they use and therefore they give a lot of importance to the operating system inside their gadgets and tools. In the earlier times people were not so inclined towards having good operating systems, but lately they have understood that better operating systems can provide them with better user experience and therefore operating systems have now become the most important element of all technological gadgets.

What is the iPhone

iPhone is a smartphone by Apple that has now become the most popular smartphone on the planet. This is because iPhone has some of the best features that are combined together in one single technological invention. But that is all possible because of the iPhone OS that works inside to provide great results every time. Apple has worked really hard on the Apple iOS and their OS was only limited to iPhone, but soon after the phenomenal success of iPhone Apple decided to extend the same technology to their other devices like Apple iPad and even iPod Touch. The OS allows users to enjoy direct manipulation and therefore users can access any information through multi-touch gestures and swipes.

The role of the iPhone operating system

The role of iPhone operating system is not only to make the entire user experience quick but easy as well. People today are keen on having easy user interface with quick response and that is exactly what Apple’s operating system provides. The user interface of iOS is based on the concept of ‘direct manipulation’, using multi-touch gestures. Sliders, switches, and buttons make up the interface control elements.

The response to your input is normally immediate and provides a fluid interface. The response time is very immediate and smooth and therefore users enjoy using their iPhone. And iPad when they want some quick information on their hand. The operating is very quick at gathering information about your finger movements and it understands all your taps, swipes, pinch and reverse pinch to provide you with the same movements on the screen.


The all new Apple iOS4 is considered the best iPhone operating system till date. Because it is quicker and faster than the earlier versions. It can help users to enjoy their 3G experience in a better way because it accelerates the overall speed of. The processor and allows users to enjoy better features that were missing in the early models.

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