Apple Patents New AirPods Features For User Safety

Apple Patents New AirPods Features For User Safety

AirPods Features : Apple is reportedly developing new features on the AirPods to improve user safety while using AirPods, especially when on the road.

As we know, usually when we use earphones we are less alert to those around us, because the sound from outside is blocked by the earphones. This can be very dangerous, especially when on the streets.
Airpods safety riding

Well, this new feature of AirPods that is being developed by Apple, allows you to automatically adjust the volume on the earphones so that users can hear the sound around them.

This technology utilizes GPS from the integration of iPhone and Apple Watch devices, to detect the user’s location and speed.

So that it can find out whether the user is driving, and also know whether the surrounding streets are busy.
Airpods New Safety Features

With the data received from the GPS, the AirPods volume will then be lowered. So users can hear if there is a siren or horn sounding around. This feature can also tell, the user is walking on the right or left side of the road, to set which AirPods should be turned down the volume.

Of course this will be adjusted, in which region the user is located. Because there are countries that regulate vehicles to be on the right, and some are on the left when walking.

But of course this is still a patent, and there is no information when this feature will be officially present.

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