Baseus H1 Wireless Headphones release with 40dB ANC

Baseus H1 Wireless
Baseus H1 Wireless Headphones feature up to 40dB noise reduction with 70 hours of service life without the feature enabled.

the headphone market in China accounts for $3.85 billion in revenue in the country. Not surprisingly, headphones are in great demand, so manufacturers should always be ready to launch new products. Baseus, an audio device manufacturer from China, has just announced over-the-ear headphones called the Beseus H1 Wireless Headphone.

Baseus Bowie H1 Spesifikasi specifications and features

The Baseus H1 Wireless Headphones offer a premium finish with a cushioned headband. In addition, the drivers have been cushioned with a soft, leather-like foam material for added user comfort, as reported by Gizmochina (8/7).

The device also has several buttons on either side, to control media playback, volume, calls, and access features such as noise cancellation and transparency mode. This feature offers noise reduction of up to 40dB.

According to official reports, the headphones have a battery life of up to 40 hours with the noise reduction feature enabled and 70 hours without the feature. The device can be fully charged within an hour of charging and supports fast charging.

The Baseus H1 Wireless Headphone decoding protocol is compatible with AAC and SBC, and supports Bluetooth 5.2 technology for connection. As additional information, the headphones are supported by a 40mm sound unit.

Price and availability

Baseus H1 Wireless Headphones are priced at 299 Yuan or around  $70 in China, with a choice of off-white and gray colors. For international users including Indonesia, Baseus Bowie is available on AliExpress at a price of IDR 858 thousand.

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