Baseus TWS Bowie M2 and Charger Adapter GaN Pro 65W

Baseus TWS

Baseus TWS : Seeing the current trend, where people’s outdoor activities have started to increase again, Baseus released two products to support user productivity, the Bowie M2 true wireless stereo (TWS) and the GaN Pro 65W Fast Charger charger adapter.

This Chinese electronics brand held its first international launch outside its home country on July 14, 2022 in Jakarta. Through his official statement, Baseus said that this launch was not only aimed at introducing its two newest products, but also as a form of appreciation for the official Baseus distributor in Indonesia.

Baseus Bowie M2

Continuing the simple yet fashionable design characteristic of its predecessor, the Baseus Bowie M2 comes with gradient colors that make it unique among other TWS.

Equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 technology and 4 microphones with built-in ENC (Environment Noise Cancellation) and ANC technology with a frequency range of -42 dB, the Bowie M2 is powered by 10 mode setting software accessible via the app. This will help users produce calls that are claimed to be absolutely clear.

Baseus GaN Pro 65W Fast Charger

The increasing mobility of people is often an obstacle when it comes to charging different electronic devices. To meet these needs, Baseus also presents the GaN Pro 65W Fast Charger.

This charger adapter is equipped with GaN3 technology updates and three 65W USB PD ports, including two USB type C PD ports and one USB type A port. Comes with a more compact size, this device is claimed to make it easier for users to charge different gadgets at a time. together.

Another feature of this adapter is the presence of BPS V2.0 Smart Charging which is able to unite BPS II (Baseus Power Split) with GaN (Gallium Nitrate). The combination of these two technologies produces a smart chip that is able to detect the number of devices connected to the charger head so that each device connected to the charger gets optimal power.

To keep users safe while charging, this device is equipped with global standard AC 110-240V power which is supported by safety protection against static electricity, overvoltage, and short circuit. In addition, the Baseus GaN Pro 65W Fast Charger has also received CE certification which meets European Economic Area (EEA) standards.

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