Be careful these are tips to avoid cyber crime

Be careful these

Be careful these : Many people are often not aware of the threat of crime in cyberspace or in the digital world. In fact, along with developing technology, the threat of crime from irresponsible people in the digital world is also increasingly diverse.

Therefore, it is important for every community, especially active internet users, to be able to recognize cyber crimes in order to anticipate them. This was conveyed by a Makassar State University Lecturer, Citra Rosalyn Anwar, of the National Movement for Digital Literacy (GNLD) for Cybercreation in the West Sumatra region.

He said that if you play in cyberspace, you must be careful by prioritizing digital literacy. He further explained that protecting digital records is one of the biggest threats to young people on media sites.

According to him, digital records are very difficult to destroy, so it is important to make careful decisions about what will be published on the internet.

“Digital records are very difficult to destroy. So before that we have to make decisions about what we publish on the internet, social media and other platforms. Build a digital footprint positively and creatively,” said Citra Rosalyn Anwar in her statement.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Governor of West Sumatra, Audy Joinaldy, said that being smart and skilled in digital media is the knowledge and skill to use digital media, communication tools, or networks in finding, evaluating and utilizing in a healthy, wise and law-abiding manner in order to foster communication in everyday life.

“Problems in digital media often also occur, such as every minute using gadgets, but not all of them know the principles of digital citizenship, usually 10% of production and 90% of content consumption, and the last thing is sharing, not sharing that is important,” he said.

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