Besides Chrome try these 7 web browsers for faster internet access

Besides Chrome

Besides Chrome : A browser application on a computer or PC is a software that serves to open web pages. Many web browsers are available with advanced features in it, one of which is Google Chrome.

Chrome is one of the most used web browsers in the world. In addition to simple use, Chrome is also supported by extensions that are integrated directly with features from Google.

But did you know, Brilio, that apart from Chrome, there are other browser applications that are no less interesting, sophisticated, and simple? Of course, these browsers will also help Sobri who wants to access the internet faster too, you know, this is a web browser other than Chrome for faster googling.

1. Operas.

If Buddy Brilio wants to open the best and fastest browser application, Opera can be the right choice. When Google Chrome or other browsers can’t open certain sites, Opera can, you know.

Although this red browser application is not as well known globally as Chrome or Firefox, Opera is still a browser that can run well for Windows, MacOS, and smart phones.

2. Mozilla Firefox.

Of course, as Indonesian people, you are already familiar with this one web browser. Starting with the name Phoenix in 2002, Mozilla Firefox achieved the milestone of 500 million downloads by 2008.

After that in 2017, Firefox upgraded its name to Mozilla Firefox Quantum with features for internet access speed. The features that are carried are quite sophisticated, namely ensuring user security to ad-free features.

3. Microsoft Edge.

Windows 10 users must be familiar with this one browser application. The reason is, Microsoft Edge replaces the Microsoft Explorer browser. Appearing more elegant and easily accessible to users, Microsoft Edge also works with Chrome. To that end, some of the interesting features of Edge include being able to import data from Chrome to Safari, being able to control privacy, and being able to use Extensions from Chrome.

4. Maxton.

Besides Opera, Maxthon is also a browser that has not been downloaded by many users, especially in Indonesia. In fact, this browser application from China carries many features in it, one of which is speeding up internet access. Besides being able to save memory capacity, Maxthon is very easy to operate and can be used on various OS, namely Windows, Linux, to Android.

5. UC Browser.

UC Browser is a popular Chinese browser application for smartphone users. The advantages of the features carried by UC Browser are also various, ranging from users being able to save quota, faster downloads, to smart downloads.

6. Vivaldi.

Apart from Opera and Maxthon, Vivaldi can also be used as an alternative for a faster internet experience. This browser, which was released in 2016 forked from My Opera, has innovative features. Various features are carried, namely the existence of various kinds of Add-Ons, Page Tiling features, to the Blink Rendering Engine feature where users can set interface pages freely.

7. Brave.

Brave is a browser based free and open, which means users can add code to edit it with the tools provided. Having more or less the same appearance as Chromium, Brave has the main advantage of being able to access the internet more quickly and simply.

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