Best ADHD Gadgets for Students

Best ADHD Gadgets

Best ADHD Gadgets : While a schedule and a routine can do wonders for students with ADHD, your child might need a few gadgets to remember tasks, solve a few organizational problems, and stay on top of schoolwork. Here are some nifty gadgets that can help your ADHD child stay organized and prepared for school.

Intelligent watches

Athletes aren’t the only ones who can get a lot of mileage from water-resistant, multi-function sports watches. Kids and teens with ADHD find them useful in many ways. Many high-tech watches have a silent, vibrating alarm that can be programmed to go off at certain times. Some watches can even accommodate pre-programmed messages, a very useful feature for getting tasks done or keeping appointments. True, the more high-tech sports watches are on the pricier end of the spectrum. But they can also be worn while swimming or in the shower. This means your child won’t have to remove the watch often, making him or her less likely to misplace it.

Talking calculators

ADHD students struggling with math may have an easier time with a talking calculator. It works just like a regular calculator, except it has a built-in speech synthesizer that can read out every number, operation, or symbol pressed. This is very useful for letting your child know that the right keys have been. Pressed and that the answer as been verified before writing it on paper.

Alarm clocks

Like many kids with ADHD, your child probably has a hard time getting up in the morning with a regular alarm clock. If your child is habitually late because of this, consider getting vibrating alarm clock that you can tuck into a pillow. But if this still doesn’t work, try finding alarm clocks designed for people who are hearing- or seeing-impaired. These devices have powerful features that range from strong vibrations that literally shake your child out of bed, to bright lights, and high-decibel shrieks.

Audio books

If your child has a hard time paying attention to written text. Consider buying audio book versions of novels he or she has to read for class. Audio books are easily accessible and come in a wide variety of formats. You can also get a software with features that allow users to bookmark chapters or pages.

Portable word processor

A portable word processor is a small device that resembles a keyboard with a tiny screen. This is very useful for ADHD kids with handwriting difficulties; instead of taking down notes on paper. All your child needs to do is type everything down. At home, the notes can be transferred to your computer.

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