Best Way to Get iPad 2 Ebooks? How I Download Ebooks for the iPad 2

Best Way to Get

Best Way to Get : I brought the iPad 2 a few days ago and I am very impressed with it as both a replacement for my laptop in terms of internet surfing and as a ereader to replace my old hardback book collection. The iPad 2 is a very sleek design and is bursting with features including new cameras and wireless internet options. The one fault I have with it tho is finding good quality ebooks that I want to read (which is the main reason I got this gadget).Best Way to Get

I have found 2 particular methods I would like to share with you as they are by far. The easiest and best ways I know of to get ebooks.

The first is a service called scribd,

which is basically a totally free service that allows. Users to sign up and then browse hundreds of ebooks, white papers, comics and news articles all in one place, It is excellent and has allowed me to find hundreds of well know titles available for free download once you sign up.

The problems are you can often get viruses and spyware from books from scammer placing books on the site, and it doesn’t always allow users to download the literature and then some of the titles are illegally placed on the site by people who do not own the copyright to the books so you are sometimes illegally getting access to books. It is however brilliant as an online library.

The Second method is a Service called Ebooks for iPad, which is a brand new online service which you must subscribe to for a small fee of 20 dollars but then you get access to literally tens of thousands of free ebooks. The beauty of this service is once you are a member you have access to the entire. Library and call download any book you like from the online library with no restrictions or limits.

What I like most about iPad ebooks is,

unlike scribd it doesn’t have. The same copyright concerns for the authors of books and absolutely no worries about viruses and spyware. The iPad ebooks service has the best quality ebooks I have found with all works available in the same format. And compatible with the kindle, iPad and all other ereaders making it excellent for users. It also allows users direct downloads straight to their devices with no hassle and little effort.

I hope you find this useful and get all the ebooks you wish. While you can buy ebooks from other places online they are often $10 or more so paying a small. Subscription for a service like iPad ebooks is a small price for the access you gain.

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