Best ways to fix Gmail storage is full issue


Best ways to fix Gmail storage is full issue : Gmail is the most used e-mail client among all. It is easy to use and you do not have to install, log in or create a separate Google account for this mail. Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive are all integrated into one account and you can seamlessly use all of them. But, sometimes you can’t accept mail on your Gmail because of storage issues. If you are facing this problem then this article is for you, here are the best ways to fix Gmail storage is full issue.

Just follow these simple ways/hacks and you will be able to create space in your Gmail.

Clear spam, trash, and other unwanted mails

If you have ever signed on to any platform using your Gmail account, then you will be bombarded by many emails on your account. Every mail that you receive takes up some storage from your Gmail account and it is better to delete all the old and unnecessary trash from your Gmail. Just go to the trash folder and delete all the mails, do the same with spam and old mails.

Also, you can unsubscribe to the newsletters, which you don’t want, just open any mail from which you do not want regular updates, and scroll down to the bottom you will see an unsubscribe button hit that, and follow the next steps.

So if you have storage issues with Gmail, then chances are that the photos app is the culprit here. Just turn off the automatic backup option and delete some photos and videos.

The same is the case with Google Drive, it also shares storage with the other two. So, if you have shared some large files on Google Drive with someone and you forgot to delete them, it’s the perfect time to delete those files and make some storage in your Gmail inbox.

Empty the social/update tab

If you use your Gmail account to sign in to any app like Swiggy, Linkedin, or any other then those apps keep sending you a lot of updates emails that take up storage on the device, just delete them all and you will have some more storage in your account.

Buy more storage

If you use Gmail very often and you are a power user and share a lot of big files, then you should buy storage from Google. By default, Google gives 15GB of free space to every user. So if you need extra space you can always buy some extra storage.

Gmail : Bonus Tip

You can search for large emails as well. Just type larger:5m in the search box of your email. This will show you all emails that are larger than 5 MB. Then you can easily delete them. You can use any number with M (1M, 5M, 10m) and Gmails will show you emails larger than those sizes. Remember to clear trash after you delete these large emails.

And by following these simple hacks/ways you can solve Gmails storage is full issue.

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