BlackBerry phones will be revived, more sophisticated?

BlackBerry phones

BlackBerry phones : Blackberry intends to revive the smartphone with a physical qwerty keyboard.

The Texas, United States-based Onward Mobility startup will partner with Foxconn to launch a flagship phone this year.

BlackBerry intends to revive the smartphone with a physical qwerty keyboard.

The plan is that the phone, which will have a 5G network, will go on sale for the North American and European markets first. After that, the new market in Asia.

The announcement of the return of BlackBerry was first heard in August last year. However, it seems that the project was sped up to get it released as soon as possible.

“Onward Mobility wishes for better luck through its partnership with FIH Mobile, an arm of Android phone manufacturer Foxconn,” said the Nikkie Asia report.

“They jointly developed a new model that will be sold under the BlackBerry brand, featuring BlackBerry’s signature qwerty keyboard as well as 5G connectivity.”

Meanwhile, Onward MObilty CEO Peter Franklin thinks that a physical keyboard will give a big boost to the productivity aspect.

“We are in talks with customers and carriers around the world, charting a path for distribution of BlackBerry flagship phones that will also feature top-of-the-line camera hardware,” he said.

Just like classic BlackBerry phones in their heyday, they will offer protection against data leaks and cyber threats, living up to BlackBerry’s reputation in the security sector.

Onward Mobility hopes to find new customers for its upcoming BlackBerry-branded phones. Especially among companies that pay attention to the safety factor.

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