Blackberry Will Release Again

Blackberry Will Release Again

There is good news for Blackberry fans around the world, because they are ready to return to the public with their newest smartphone.

After a hiatus of several years, a new BlackBerry phone will be released this year. This was disclosed by OnwardMobility, the company that obtained the rights to manufacture Blackberry phones again through a pre-commitment program.

The program will provide those who want to get first-hand information about development, features and availability of the elusive device.

Including Blackberry fans who are part of it can provide direct feedback and influence features and functionality.

“This program is expected to expand our engagement with customers interested in purchasing the new and innovative Blackberry 5G smartphone,” OnwardMobility wrote on its website.

However, for now the details of the phone have not been revealed. Previously, rumors of the presence of a new Blackberry phone had been reported by the Nikei Asia website.

They reported that in mid-2021 a new mobile phone will be launched as a result of the collaboration of Texas-based OnwardMobility with Blackberry and FIH Mobile.

“They jointly developed a new model phone that will be sold under the BlackBerry brand, featuring BlackBerry’s signature qwerty keyboard as well as 5G connectivity,” the report said.

Furthermore, OnwardMobility plans to launch this BlackBerry 5G flagship in North America and Europe first, and then follow it to the Asian market.

Meanwhile, OnwardMobility itself is a mobile security solution company for enterprises and businesses.

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