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Body Worn Hidden Spy

Body Worn Hidden Spy : You may not have ever thought about how futuristic and accurate James Bond films were in showing the high tech gadgets of the future. Old “Q”, God rest his soul, in his lab with James would absolutely wow everyone with his high tech wonders.

Do you remember the ball point pen with a hidden camera, DVR and microphone built in? Or how about his cool car key fob with a built in DVR. Microphone and mini spy camera, do you remember that one?

Or maybe you remember the wrist watch, which is very good looking in itself. That has a microphone, small spy camera and DVR? Do you remember any of those?

Well these high tech marvels are not part of the James Bond legacy from “Q Branch” but rather part of a new line of all inclusive hidden spy cameras with built in DVR’s. The ‘body worn’ cameras mentioned are the only hidden cameras that have a microphone too for audio recording.

Most states prohibit the use of a microphone in a hidden camera unless it is considered “body worn”-now you know!

They all use an SD card with varying recording time capabilities to record the images for easy playback on your computer. The resolution varies by camera and recording times vary as well from 2-3 hours. Then you download, recharge and go again. Body Worn Hidden Spy

These may be the ultimate in high-tech tools for anyone who needs to do really covert surveillance, record an incident for a court case, document audio or video crimes like harassment, or just do a “you tube” video without anyone knowing it.

As an added bonus they are very inexpensive, easy to use and almost, no scratch that, make that impossible to detect what is really inside. No one would ever suspect they are been both visually and audible recorded. That is the beauty of these ultimate high tech surveillance tools-no one could ever guess.

If you are a private investigator or an undercover law enforcement officer on any level this is the kind of tool you need to get the goods on the bad guys.

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