How to Buy a HP from Overseas

buy a HP from overseas

How to buy a HP from overseas, There are many different ways to buy a cell phone. In order to get cheaper prices, many people choose to buy cellphones from abroad. How to buy a cellphone from abroad also cannot be done haphazardly.

There are several special regulations for buying cellphones from abroad. This rule is enforced to prevent the circulation of black market or BM cell phones in the Indonesian market. So that cellphones traded in Indonesia are confirmed to be legal, according to the rules. Also know how to buy a safe HP Batam online.

If you are currently planning to buy a cell phone abroad, you should fully understand the regulations that apply. Buying a cellphone that is not according to the rules will cause the cellphone to not be used in Indonesia. In addition, the cellphone will also be categorized as BM or black market goods.

To make it clearer, the following is a way to buy a cellphone abroad that must be understood. Of course, complete regulations are also given regarding the buying and selling process up to the time of registering the cell phone from abroad. Below is the full review.

Regulations on how to buy a HP abroad

Buying a cellphone abroad can’t be arbitrary. In previous years, many sellers bought cell phones from abroad. To then be sold at a lower price in Indonesia. Cheaper overseas HP are more affordable thanks to zero taxes. Usually the cellphone will be carried in a hand-carry system. Not through shipping expeditions. So no customs tax is charged on the phone.

The existence of new regulations now makes buying cellphones from abroad with a hand-carry system no longer that easy. There are rules and regulations that must be understood. Violation of the regulations will cause cell phones purchased from overseas to be banned. Mobile phones will not work in Indonesia.

How to Buy a HP from Overseas

After understanding the regulations for buying foreign cellphones above, the following are ways that can be done. Understand the methods below when you want to buy a cell phone from abroad.

1. Buy a maximum of 2 units of HP from abroad

Minister of Finance Regulation number 203/PMK.04/2017 concerning Provisions for the Export and Import of Goods Carried by Passengers and Crews of Means of Transport contains provisions regarding how many cellphones can be purchased from abroad. Both by hand carry and through shipping expeditions.

Mobile phone buyers from abroad are not allowed more than 2 units. This rule applies to each individual.

The limit on the number of cell phone units bought from abroad is done in order to avoid the entry of black market electronic goods. Individuals cannot just buy cellphones abroad in large quantities, then sell them back to Indonesia. Official cell phone sales in Indonesia must go through distributors. Cannot go through the individual himself from abroad.

If in the process you are caught buying more than 2 units of HP from abroad. Users will only be allowed to bring 2 units of mobile phones. While the rest will be confiscated by the Director General of Customs and Excise.

2. Both Units Cost No More Than $500

In addition to limiting the number of units that can be purchased from abroad, the government through Minister of Finance number 203/PMK.04/2017 concerning Provisions for the Export and Import of Goods Carried by Passengers and Crew of Transportation Facilities also regulates the price of mobile phones.

Each individual is only allowed to buy a cell phone from abroad worth $ 500. This price limit is for both units of mobile phones purchased from abroad.

So, for example, A buys two cell phones at $300 each. The total price of the two cellphones is $600 and exceeds the limit specified in the regulation in the Minister of Finance number 203/PMK.04/2017.

3. There Is A Tax Burden When The Phone Costs Over $500

So, what if you buy a phone for over $500? In the rules for buying overseas cellphones above $ 500 for both units, there will be a tax burden given. If you buy a cell phone unit from abroad at a price above the applicable regulations, you must pay tax according to the regulations. The tax set for 10% VAT and 7.5% PPH of the price of the cellphone.

Regulations regarding taxes for excess cell phone prices are enforced in order to avoid buying cellphones from abroad at low prices. Where it will be resold at high prices in Indonesia. This transaction process is of course not in accordance with the Minister of Finance number 203/PMK.04/2017 concerning Provisions for the Export and Import of Goods Carried by Passengers and Crews of Means of Transport.

The rules regarding taxes charged when buying cellphones abroad above do not only apply to hand carry. Purchases through expeditions will also follow the same rules. If the purchase value of the phone is over $500, tax will be charged.

4. How to buy a cell phone abroad through an expedition

Buying cellphones abroad with expeditionary shipping also follows the same rules. Purchases of mobile phones are limited to a maximum of 2 units, with a price of $ 500. In addition, for purchasing cellphones through expeditions, an import duty tax of $ 75 will be charged for each shipment.

How to Register IMEI HP Overseas

After knowing how to buy cellphones abroad. Next is how to register IMEI. The Director General of Customs and Excise has a special application and website for IMEI registration of cellphones purchased from abroad. The steps are below.

1. Download the Mobile Customs application on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store
2. You can also access the website
3. Open the IMEI Registration menu found on the application and website
4. Then complete your personal data, flight number, NPWP, and specifications for the cellphone you are carrying (maximum 2 units) along with the price of the goods in the available online form
5. After the data is complete and verified, the buyer will receive a QR code and registration ID
6. During the Customs inspection, the officer will immediately scan the QR Code
7. If the price of the phone is more than $ 500, you have to pay 10% VAT and 7.5% PPH according to the price
8. After the Customs clearance process is complete, the IMEI number of cellphones purchased from abroad will automatically be used in Indonesia.

The article above explains the rules and how to buy a HP from abroad. And also summarizes how to register IMEI HP abroad.

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