Habits That Can Accelerate HP Damage

can accelerate HP damage

Habits that can accelerate HP damage, Whether or not your smartphone lasts is greatly influenced by how you care for it. Correct and periodic maintenance is guaranteed to extend the life time of your Smartphone.

For those who don’t understand this, they think that the lifespan of an Android Smartphone or Hand Phone (Android HP) is more influenced by the manufacturer and not how to maintain it. They say, “Buying electronic equipment is a waste (:chance). There are times when it is durable, but there are times when it has just been used for a while and it has broken down.”

Habits That Can Accelerate HP Damage

Such an assumption is not always true. There are several habits that you often do and in fact can accelerate Smartphone damage, namely:

1. Turning off and turning on HP too often

The service life of electronic equipment can be determined based on the ON/OFF cycle you perform. Every electronic equipment has a different lifespan. For example, your electronic equipment has a service life of 10 million ON/OFF cycles, so after reaching 10 million cycles, your cellphone will experience a decrease in performance because it is already experiencing physical fatigue. One way to extend the life of a cell phone is not to turn it off and on too often.

2. Charging the Battery Too Often

As with frequently turning off and turning on cellphones, charging cellphones too often can also accelerate damage to cellphones, especially the battery. We recommend that the right time to recharge the HP battery is after the first warning (approximately 20% battery).

It is not recommended to charge the battery when the battery still has a lot. However, it is also not recommended to charge the battery in very limited conditions. If you charge your cellphone battery when the battery is almost empty, the cellphone will quickly suffer damage. Meanwhile, if you charge the battery in a lot of conditions, it can reduce battery life.

3. Operate the HP when it is being charged

When recharging the battery, the cellphone temperature rises. Likewise with the HP that is operated, it will also experience an increase in temperature. You can already imagine, right, what is the condition of the cellphone when it is operated in a charging condition, surely the cellphone will experience an excessive increase in temperature.

4. Overcharging

Just before going to bed is an effective time to charge the HP battery because in the morning you get the HP in full charge. This habit is not good because you don’t know exactly when the battery reaches 100%. All you know is when you wake up the battery power has reached 100%.

Usually Android HP batteries are made of lithium which is not recommended for such treatment. In effect, the condition of the battery becomes weak, does not last long so you have to ask to be charged frequently.

5. Putting HP in Electronic Devices

Electronic devices such as Refrigerators, Fans, TVs, Sound Systems and other similar equipment can affect HP performance and have a negative impact. Usually cellphones that are often brought close to electronic equipment will experience damage to the screen, such as stripes.

6. Placing HP Around Magnets

Not only bar magnets but also electronic equipment that uses wire coils that can generate magnets that can worsen the condition of the cellphone if they are brought close to it. Therefore, keep your HP with equipment like that.

7. Placing HP at too high a temperature

When the HP is operated it will experience a temperature increase. If your cellphone is placed in a place where the temperature is high, the cellphone will experience an even higher temperature rise, which can threaten damage to the HP components.

8. Putting HP in Vibrating Areas

All electronic equipment is very susceptible to vibration. So it is not recommended to place a cellphone in a vibrating area, for example in a motorized vehicle without using a silencer.

Well, the article above explains bad habits that accelerate HP damage.

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