Tips for Caring for Android HP Planted Batteries Stay Durable

Caring for Android HP Planted Batteries

Caring for Android HP Planted Batteries, In the latest smartphones, implanted batteries are used more than removable batteries. The embedded battery makes the smartphone body thinner so that it looks cooler.

In addition, with embedded batteries, smartphone manufacturers can make cellphones that are more closed with sturdier materials. This condition makes the cellphone more water resistant and dust does not easily enter the components.

With a built-in battery, the slot for the sim card can also be moved to an easy-to-reach place. Built-in batteries are also relatively more durable than removable batteries. Unfortunately, if the implantable battery is damaged, you will find it difficult to replace it and you will have to take it to a service center.

Tips for Caring for Android HP Planted Batteries Stay Durable

Many cellphone users are currently complaining about the implanted battery system because of the various risks if it is damaged. To replace it is also not as easy as the old school battery that can be removed.

Moreover, cellphone batteries will easily have problems such as leaking or easily dropping if used incorrectly. Therefore, in order to stay durable, follow the following tips on caring for android HP planted batteries.

 1. Turn off the Android cellphone when it’s charging

The first tip is to turn off the cellphone while it is charging. This is a way to keep the Android cellphone’s embedded battery durable, but it’s often underestimated. Most users don’t want to turn off the phone while charging. Instead, they even use it while charging. As a result the battery has to work twice as much. Even though on the other hand the battery also needs rest, one way to rest it is to turn off the cellphone while it is being charged.

 2. Unplug the charger immediately if it is full

Many smartphone users have the bad habit of not immediately removing the charger when it is full. For example, at night, the cellphone is charged and then left to sleep and then just unplugged in the morning. This condition can make the flow of electricity continue to flow and force its way into the battery elements that are fully charged. If you want to keep the Android HP implanted battery last, leave this bad habit. Always unplug the charger immediately if your cellphone battery is full while charging.

 3. Use the original charger for charging

Surely you have never checked a smartphone using a charger that is not original or not factory default. Even though both of them can be used for charging, the original charger is much safer for garden batteries because it has been designed and adapted to the needs of the battery capacity itself because basically the battery needs of each cell phone are different. If you want it to last longer, you have to take care of the battery planted by the Android cellphone by always using the original charger to charge it.

 4. Charge If Battery Remains 15%-20%

Furthermore, you are not advised to start charging the embedded battery on a smartphone if the battery condition is below 15%. In a study from, a battery that is charged when empty will quickly break down. Therefore, in order to keep the Android cell phone’s built-in battery durable and long-lasting, you should charge it when the battery condition is still in the range of 15% to 20%. Don’t wait until it runs out even up to 0%.

 5. Always Charge Until Full Battery

Fully charging is important and is a way to keep the Android HP instilled battery last. How come? So like this, if you charge the battery not full it will run out quickly. This means you have to charge more often. In fact, a battery has a certain charging cycle. The more often it is charged, the performance decreases. Now by charging it fully, the cellphone will be able to live longer so it doesn’t need to be charged too often.

 6. Avoid Overheat When Used

What is overheating? For those who don’t know, overheating is an excessively high temperature on a cellphone when used. Usually overheating occurs due to running heavy applications that exceed cellphone specifications or excessive cellphone use. High temperatures when overheated are not good for the battery because it can damage the elements inside. Therefore, avoiding overheating is also a part of keeping the battery planted on an Android cellphone so that it lasts a long time.

 7. Reduce Background Apps

The last tip for keeping the battery planted on an Android cellphone so that its performance remains good is to reduce applications that run in the background. The more background applications, the heavier the load on the cellphone. This condition also causes the cellphone to overheat. It’s best to turn off unnecessary applications so they don’t overload RAM. Use applications only as needed so that the smartphone remains light and does not heat up quickly.

Those are some tips on caring for android HP planted batteries that you can apply. The more you are disciplined in applying some of the tips above, then all risks of damage to the implanted battery will be avoided. This will be very profitable for you, considering that the service method is complicated because you have to disassemble the cellphone and also the service costs are quite a lot. So from now on, it’s better to take care of and care for the performance of your cellphone’s embedded battery.

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