HP gaming cooling fan

HP Gaming Cooling Fan Recommendations

HP gaming cooling fan recommendations, playing games will be maximal and more fun if the cellphones we use are at normal temperatures and don’t feel hot. recommendations, playing games will be maximal and more fun if the cellphones we use are at normal temperatures and don’t feel hot.

Hot HP conditions, of course, will make its performance decrease and user  

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Take Care of HP Batteries

How to Take Care of HP Batteries to Last and Save

How to Take Care of HP Batteries to Last and Save. Everyday we can not be separated from mobile phones. Various matters can be done via a mobile phone, from work matters, communicating with family, online shopping, ordering motorcycle taxis, to withdrawing money via a mobile phone.

Because of that, when the cellphone is turned off. It makes you anxious  

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How to turn on an HP old

How to Turn On an HP Old That Hasn’t Been Used

How to turn on an HP old that hasn’t been used, There are various problems that are often faced by mobile users. One of them is when the cellphone suddenly turns off completely. But don’t panic yet, there is a way to turn on a completely dead cellphone before deciding to take it to a service place.

You can do  

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How to store smartphones

How to Store Smartphones that are Good and Correct

How to store smartphones that are good and correct, Smartphones are electronic goods, which means that they must be given care so that their quality is maintained and they are not easily damaged. One way to care for a smartphone is how we store the smartphone itself.

Sometimes, many people don’t care about this. As long as you put it,  

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smartphone with water entrance

How to Overcome a Smartphone with Water Entrance

How to overcome a smartphone with water entrance, water is an enemy for several types of electronic goods, one of which is a cell phone. Water that gets into the HP can cause damage to the components inside. As a result, the cellphone cannot function as it should, or even totally shuts down.

However, if your phone gets exposed  

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Set a Smartwatch Clock

How to Set a Smartwatch Clock Before it’s Ready to Use

Set a Smartwatch Clock Before it’s Ready to Use, Every year, there are always new innovations issued from watch brands. No exception, smart watches alias smartwatch. So, if you’re curious about what a smartwatch looks like, how to set a smartwatch clock, and what are smartwatch recommendations, read on in this article to find out.

What is a Smartwatch?


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Use a smartphone wisely

How to Use a Smartphone Wisely

How to Use a smartphone wisely, how much time do you spend per day on your smartphone? A study found that the average age group of 20-35 years uses a smartphone for 7 hours a day. Unmitigated, as many as 79 percent of them immediately check their smartphone within 1 minute after waking up (hey, you are in this  

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LCD cannot be touched

Tips for Overcoming LCD Cannot be Touched

Tips for overcoming LCD cannot be touched, have you ever experienced a problem with your cellphone screen, you can’t even touch it? Take it easy, because there is a way to overcome the HP screen that cannot be touched. Before that, first find out what causes and characteristics of the HP error screen so that it can’t be touched. 

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Smartwatch advantages

Smartwatch Advantages and Disadvantages

Smartwatch advantages and disadvantages, although there is no specific definition of a Smartwatch, in general a Smartwatch is known as a smart device that is usually connected to a Smartphone to perform several functions besides its function as a watch. The smartwatch is designed to network and integrate with other personal devices via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology.

Through the Smartwatch  

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smartphone batteries long lasting

Ways to Make Smartphone Batteries Long Lasting and Anti-Waste

Ways to make smartphone batteries long lasting and anti-waste, seeing the increasing mobility of using cellphones, friends should know how to make cellphone batteries durable and long lasting. This is because, at this time, not a few people often complain that their HP batteries are wasteful or run out easily. This is of course caused by various factors, ranging from  

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